: Torx bolts oil leak (Valve Covers)

02-12-06, 10:43 AM
Would someone know why... if my valve cover gaskets are not leaking and I'm only getting oil seepage from the torx bolts at the top of the cover, is there not a way to seal the bolts by way of an O-ring or sealant? Everyone is telling me that the gaskets need replacing when they are not leaking, it is only leaking from the bolts.


02-13-06, 02:01 PM
Folks are telling you that the valve cover gasket will need to be changed because the valve cover has to be removed in order to replace the O-rings on the underside of the cover that are causing the seeping. I agree with you - I don't see why you couldn't use a little RTV to stop the leaks. I don't think you'd want to use O-rings under the bolt heads because the bolts are not torqued very tightly (8 nm). An O-ring would likely flex due to vibration and cause the bolt to back off. Then you definitely would develop a gasket leak. However, a small amount of RTV under the bolt head and then torqueing properly while the RTV is still wet would probably give you a pretty good seal. (I don't need to suggest you let it dry for 24 hours do I?).

Have you tried putting a torque wrench on the bolts and re-torqueing them? Might be all you need to do.

02-20-06, 06:34 PM
Thanks, I'm going to give the RTV idea a shot, as I had the bolts retightened, which seemed like it might work because the mechanic found most to be very loose but still seeping oil after a week or so. I wonder if this is very common as my 2000 Cat Sport has low mi. and is driven with care. Now I shall write my "new thread of the week" about my tranny slipping out of first at a red light and all of the shift position indicator lights went haywire and the 'sport' "S" lamp also started to flash! The car wouldn't move. I had to turn it off and restart but happened again at the next set of lights.:eek: