View Full Version : My Bougham all of a sudden gained power. I don't get it.

02-11-06, 01:03 PM
So I was driving my FWB the other day, steady on the gas, and all of a sudden the car started to take off. Took my by surprise, but since then, the car has had a lot more power, almost similar to my roommate's '89 Towncar now. The car still acts up sometimes and will turn into it's usual dog self, but I at least know the 307 has potential.

02-11-06, 01:36 PM
Hmmmm... Maybe someone came by and threw in a 350LT1 while you were asleep :sneaky:

02-11-06, 04:34 PM
Might be a loose conection with something ignition-related, maybe a plug wire or something like that. Have you checked around the engine yet out of curiosity? Hope you're enjoying the extra power!

02-11-06, 05:21 PM
I've experienced something very similar in our '93 FWB 350 TBI...pretty quick most of the time, but it'll also have these odd days where it just wants to light 'em up and fly like a beast. Used to think I was imagining things, until my father noticed it too.

I think ours is weather related though, but the car seems to dictate what kind of weather it likes best randomly...most of the time, though, it feels like a monster on the absolute hottest of summer days. Then again, I've felt the "surge" (that's what I call it) on cold, rainy days, or just typical spring days too.

And other times, it can be a real slug--thankfully that's the rarer of the two differences, though.

02-11-06, 05:50 PM
At least you guys know what I'm talking about. I think I've got some rotten vacuum lines under the hood as the cause to my sluggishness. I was going to go under the hood today and replace 'em all, but then the weather went to hell.

I don't think it's anything ignition related, because most of the time even when sluggish it's not missing. It does miss now and then though, at random. I think the thing might just needs a TLC tuneup. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil. Who knows when it was last done, you know?

02-12-06, 12:07 AM
Cars are affected somewhat by atmospheric pressure, the lower the pressure the more power they will make. As well as humidity, more humidity the less octane is needed before preigintion. My 301 turbo at sea level felt like it had 20 more HP than at 1000 foot. Likely didn't, but I can tell you, my 0-60 time was MUCH faster and 2nd and 3nd scratches were a lot more violent.

I highly recommend the Accel brass post cap, only $22 @ Summit, brass lasts longer in high voltage. And the Taylor Spiralpro wires are good quality wires. Low resistance wires are a joke, they CANNOT make you more power over good higher resistance wires, so don't be taken in on that one. I'll dig up the math if anyone wants to see it (I think I posted it once on the FWD forum). High Voltage electronics proves interesting....

Also, I have found that my 307 responded well to indexing the cap with the rotor. These cars run very high timing at cruise. And often they are on the far end of the cap contacts. Again, I posted it somewhere on here. Smoothed out my idle on my 350 (was a 307, used 307 parts).

02-12-06, 01:05 AM
Well I've experienced this as well. My ex 87 FWB was a slug no matter what day of the week but with other cars I installed an MSD 6A ignition. What this did for me is basically make the car run its best ALL of the time vs sporadically. Actually chopped more than half a second off the quarter mile times of my 67 Olds powered by a 455. :D