: 94 Fleetwood with TC Prob

02-11-06, 11:36 AM
I own a 94 fleetwood and when im on the highway my Traction Control comes on if I hit 61 mph, and the switch in the glovebox doesnt work(as well as the trunk button). Is there a fuse I can remove for this? Or any other suggestions?

02-12-06, 12:12 AM
Do you have different size tires front/back??

I think this is tied in to the ABS system, you would have to disable that too. You can unplug the ACR thingy under the hood to keep it from yanking back throttle, but the brakes will still apply. Key is to find out which one and attack that sensor, if tires are ok, then sensor is likely not reading right. Do not use chemicals to clean it, brush it with a brush or something gentle. Check the clearance from the reluctor/tone wheel, it should be very close. Count all teeth for missing ones.

TCS measures front/back wheel speeds and if one is off, it assumes that there is a slip and tries to control it.

I can't get to my FSM right now, but if I can, I will check. I am sure there are others that have it. I don't seem to remember that 61 mph is significant, but it could be.