: C6.....

01-01-04, 10:47 AM
Not sure myself, ill reserve judgement till i see it in person

01-01-04, 12:38 PM
They're taking ques from the new Viper on the front end, and not doing much to the back. Real original GM. The car looks pretty good, but I'm a bit offended by the fact that it's such a non step forward for GM... Try something of your own you jackasses. (Ok, I am annoyed by it)

01-01-04, 12:49 PM
I like the back, huge improvement over the C5 imo

01-01-04, 01:36 PM
You know, seeing the back from there, all I can say is, Viper. GM is mimicing the new Viper. Nothing like original work. Bleh

01-01-04, 01:46 PM
Im with you on the front, very viperish. the back though i think is more C4 than anything else.

01-01-04, 01:47 PM
Although I thought the new viper looked C5 ish, so maybe we got a chicken/egg debate here :)

Chuck C
01-01-04, 04:35 PM
Yes, today is the day. A happy new year's to all...and with it a new Corvette.

40 pics of the new vette incl. an interior shot (http://forums.corvetteforum.com/zerothread?id=720834)

Engine specs press release (http://forums.corvetteforum.com/zerothread?id=721013)

Chevy Revolution commercial (available at yahoo.com)

I am about 30% excited for the styling and 70% excited for the improvements including a revised 400hp LS2 V8, new chassis, and larger wheels.

El Dobro
01-01-04, 11:51 PM
Is there a release date? I know I haven't seen them around work yet.

01-02-04, 03:16 AM
I have always been a Viper fan, but I do like the "subtle" styling changes on this new Vette. I admit I haven't been following Corvette's progress in the last while, but if the new Vette's base engine is up 50 horses to 400, what will the Z06 hp be? The rear above the taillights looks sharp enough to cut your hand on, or crack a few eggs! I apologize for my ignorance on this subject, but will there still be a Z06?

Judging from the above rear photo, it appears that it took some styling cues from the Ferrari 360 Modena, or a 550? I mean, even the taillights look Ferrari to me! (along with the exact same horsepower)

BTW, the 360 has the exact same torque rating as my 4.9, 275 ft. lbs. :D

01-02-04, 10:31 AM

read all about it boys !!!!

as for the z06 , i would expect a 75 hp increase so probably around 475 hp

but what we need to hold our breath for is what GM internally calls "blue devil " a 700 hp viper and ford gt killer

the tail of the c6 is definalty 84 vette stuff , and the fender crest lines are 68-82 in my book (gm claims 63) and the nose is from the late 80s mid engine corvette "indy" concept car, im waiting for weight figures the most , they chopped 5.1 inches from the length 1.1 from width , id say they may have shed 80 lbs from the c5

more pics here :

c5 rv
01-02-04, 08:08 PM
The unveiling can be viewed online Sunday evening (Jan 4) from the Chevy website. It will be at the LA and Detroit autoshows.

01-05-04, 12:24 PM
Not sure myself, ill reserve judgement till i see it in person
I agree.

01-06-04, 10:11 AM
Oh Baby! Im In Love!

01-14-04, 04:24 PM
The Z06 should be 500 horsepower with better brakes, improved handling and stopping power over the current Z. I think the look will grow on most as did the C5...I already love it! The Z06 will be different styling-wise than the base model, so I hope for different wheels/tires/exhaust/brakes and roofline, as well as perhaps a revised front/rear fascia and new extended rocker panels with rear brake ducts built in. It should be a slick car and also will be my next new vehicle. :D