View Full Version : Pete Rose and betting

01-01-04, 08:24 AM
Is thread is for the 1/5 of the members of this forum old enough to remember who Pete Rose is. :histeric:
Pete Rose has a new book coming out.
Where it is writen that he bet on games.
If he bet on his team to win I have no problem with that but if he bet they should lose , through him in jail.
I would rather have a teamate who betted on his team to win.

01-01-04, 09:56 AM
He's on 60 minutes or something later today or sometime this week.

01-01-04, 03:59 PM
He's on Primetime Thursday on ABC. Probably 10:00 Eastern. I don't know if that means tonight, or one week from tonight. I think there's a bowl game on ABC tonight.

I always liked the guy. But if he bet on his own team, win or lose, I have a problem with that. The rule clearly states NO BETTING of any kind on baseball.

None of that detracts from his ability as a player. If Ty Cobb can be in the Hall of Fame, then I think Pete Rose should be in, too. I'm just not sure whether he should be allowed back in baseball.