: Installing Eibach Pro-Kit - any advice?

02-10-06, 01:47 PM
Hi All -

I'm seriously thinking about installing Eibach's lowering kit for the V next weekend...Just wondering if anyone has done this themselves or if this is something I really need the guys at Les Schwab's take care of....

I thought there used to be a link on the FAQ with "installation instructions"...

I'm fairly handy and do own a torque wrench but is there really a step in the installation that requires a spring compressor? Don't really think I want to mess with compressing srpings....I need my hands


02-10-06, 01:55 PM
It's really no big deal. I went to Sears and bought a coil spring compressor and did it myself. No problems at all and wasn't at all scary.

Also note that I didn't use the Eibach springs, I lowered the V the WildWhl way. Don't forget that you will need to do something with the top of the rear shocks as they are self leveling.

02-10-06, 02:01 PM
Thanks Dan -

I've been doing a lot of online research about it and did find WldWhls methods...he sounds like a mechanical GOD!

I'm going to do that with the rear shocks - seems like you can go to home depot and get some thick rubber washers and use them for the spcers - but won't really know until i see it....

I'm going with the Eibach kit primarily because I've read that modifying or cutting the springs changes the springs rates..etc...etc..and all that FUD has perusuaded me to get springs that were actually made for that highth in my car...And, I don't have a lathe and it sounds like you have to notch the front struts or something like that....

How much was the srping compressor?


02-10-06, 02:51 PM
Your local Autozone, Pepboys, etc. probably can loan you the spring compressor.

I took care of the rears myself, but I simply removed the whole front assembly and took it to Pepboys for them to do the switch. Plus, they installed that little boot that Eibach sends you, too. I can't remember the exact price, but it was less than $20. I was just a bit too nervous to mess with the front spring assembly with a portable tool in my garage.

I found the "How Do I install the FG2 suspension" on the faq site to be helpful.

I personally would describe the installation as "time consuming" as opposed to mechanically difficult. Also, it is the sort of task that would be far easier the second time around.

02-10-06, 02:58 PM
I dont own a V (yet) but I have put springs on quite a few other cars. Unless there is something funky with the V's suspension that I am not aware of, the job is dirt simple. It just takes some time (2-8 hours, depending on car/skill).

FYI: You can typically borrow a spring compressor from places like Pep-boys. If you can, get two sets. Sometimes you can convince a buddy to help and then you can both work on a side....also sometimes the springs can be a b#$%ch and it helps to get a third compressor on there.

The only thing you gotta worry about is that you have the spring fully compressed before taking off "the Jesus bolt". My friend calls it that because that is who you will meet if you dont do this part right ;) Your religous figure may vary ;) But dont sweat it...its obvious once the spring is loose enough....it will come out from the seats and can move independently. If you are not in this phase, dont take of the JB ;) Simple as that.

Another handy tip is to get your hands on an air wratchet (non impact). Its helpful for taking the grunt work out of cranking down those compressor bolts, which is usually very tedious. Its important to use a wratchet and not an impact gun here....you dont need nor want a lot of force. Also note that you are really only using it for the middle part...when you get near the end, go back to hand tools.

Good luck and dont sweat it. Its a piece of cake and you will feel empowered at your own modding prowess when you are done ;)