: For those who have changed the BOSE

02-10-06, 11:59 AM
I am in the middle of changing out my whole audio system in my 98 catera. It has bose so it is a pain. :banghead:

My Equipment:
2 sets of Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 components
2 Infinity Kappa Perfect 10s
Pioneer's DEH-P80MP Head Unit
Alpine mono block and 4 channel amps
2-farad cap
New wire for the whole car

My question is where to run the power wire (4ga) through the firewall? I have some ideas but i firgured I would ask people who have already done it.

02-10-06, 09:36 PM
On my 97 i actally found a hole that had been predrilled @ the factory. IF u life up the carpet on the driver side top left corner u should find it..ill try to get sum picks...my 4 gauge fit right through

02-11-06, 10:20 AM
thanks for the info, can't wait to see the pics

02-12-06, 10:28 AM
Wow, that is some good info. Hopefully 0ga will fit.

02-14-06, 09:34 AM
what are you guys doing for a dash filler panel to accept your aftermarket stereo? are you making something custom? i'd love to see pics!


02-14-06, 11:10 AM
you can buy a pre-made filler panel ... it works really well and looks great. I ordered mine from Circuit City on-line. It accepts a standard DIN receiver (I installed a Pioneer and it looks great and is very secure).

02-16-06, 02:49 PM
i'm searching and dont see a "catera stereo filler panel" or anything specific to the catera.

02-16-06, 03:59 PM
Here's the link:


02-27-06, 11:43 AM
Any ideas for what material to use to make speaker brackets/adaptors? I was thinking of some abs plastic but I have seem some using plywood and thin MDF?

02-28-06, 12:11 PM
how does that fill in the stereo planel completely? it looks like it fills in a rectangle, but the catera stereo panel is that big rounded/curved area. can you post/email pics of your finished setup?


Here's the link:


02-28-06, 12:21 PM

02-28-06, 12:26 PM
That's exactly how mine looks! I even have a Pioneer unit ...

It's actually a well-made panel, and installation is a piece of cake.

03-28-06, 06:14 PM
how did you guys wire up the head unit so that the settings are not erased when your turn off the car?

03-28-06, 09:55 PM
After updating my radio problem (redux) I was actually think just that... instead of 'fixing'my factory BOSE, I might replace the whole this (including speakers...) this filler panel comes in handy.

The speaker setup is for 6 (2 in door, 2 top tweaters in door and 2 backs)... what did you select for the 2 top in door? Or did you leave those stock?