: Northstar driven 94 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP RWD

12-31-03, 08:02 PM
Well thats what my goal is!!!

A rear wheeled POSI 10 bolt 8.5 in. Buick GN turbo, powered by a 93-96/97? Northstar in my already custom 5 speed 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix (they didnt offer my 94 in a 5 speed- so I made it)

Brief History:
My grandpa has worked for a local Caddy dealer for close to 50 years, so I grew up with Caddy's. He's owned 34 cadillacs so far in his lifetime (and counting)
The reason I chose this motor for my swap is, because it is a smooth sophisticated low hoodlined motor. I chose the Grand National rear end because of the TQ specifications it can withhold, so i picked one up from Detroit, MI last month. The front suspension I was thinking of using was a 93-01 Firebird so I have a RWD configuration. The suspension travel is 2" less than my GP so my car will be 2" lowered in front with a stock F-body front end.

My questions to you guys are:
I already have the "right" bellhousing, a V6 Camaro/Firebird manual bell in my possesion.

Then can I use ANY manual trans after I have that?

What 5 speed trans can withhold at least 400ft/lbs STOCK?

I will be AUTOCROSSING it so it will be driven very hard ESPECIALLY through corners.

Thank you for reading and/or responding everyone,
Travis U.
Milwaukee, WI

Sean McDonald
12-31-03, 08:13 PM
That sounds really interesting!! Please let us know how you make out. I wonder how much it take to make a 94 STS RWD!? :coolgleam

12-31-03, 08:52 PM
You can try an aftermarket Richmond 5 speed. It doesn't have an overdrive but has a low 1st gear so 3.08 rear gears are ideal. I use one of these in one of my cars that makes 425hp (at the crank) out of a small block. You'll also need the Hurst shifter and install kit as well.
Hope this helps,

12-31-03, 09:06 PM
Thank you for your quick responses and interest guys.....

I am looking for a STOCK trans because they arent $1200-$3500 to get my hands on like an aftermarket one. I was looking at a T56, $700-$1100,(corvette/firebird 6 speed) but I like my 5 gears.

I NEED and overdrive so out with the 4 speed ideas. I will be doing LOTS of highway/highspeed driving this summer to shows and meets across the country.

Oh and to tell ya kicker....I have just purchased the bellhousing and rear end complete with suspension and FRAME!!! (brought myself a saws-all with and cut her up... I felt sooo bad... G80 rear end out of a junker GN... ouch

Anyways. I'm designing a complete frame for my car so it doesnt look like the old RWD unibody mustangs- TWISTED!!! I will be able to fit 275 series tires in the rear with my structure of the frame inside the spring purges instead of outside.

one more kicker!!! I'm gonna paint it too before JUNE 1st (my due date)

here she is if anyone takes more interest in my project... this info is basectly just the custom 5 speed project (GP's werent avail in stick after 92, other than some 680 in 93)

Hope to see more replies guys!!

01-14-04, 08:28 PM

any other ideas?

01-15-04, 07:42 PM
why not a g-force t-5? for between 900 and 1400 (depends on if you assembel it) you have an awsome tranny rated to 600 ft/lbs. If you decide to go that route, I would recomend getting rid of the v6 bellhousing and using an aftermarket bellhousing that would be able to house a larger clutch.

01-19-04, 03:46 PM
Well I just got done reinforcing my bellhousing so that will have to wait for a later time after its done as a "when I get it together, then I can make small changes...mods" lol Basectly I have a few car shows to hit up in June July and Sept, so it just needs to be done by then. When I do the larger clutch setup I am also planning on getting lightweight flywheel for her as well. Since that is another $600-1000? for clutch and $300 for the flywheel plus the cost of the housing itself, itll have to wait unfortunately...

-Thanx for the trans idea, I'm gonna see where and how much they go for and see if anyone has one for sale.

Anyone wanna donate a Northstar? :(