: Automotive Advertising. Favorites?

02-09-06, 04:35 PM
The ads I've enjoyed most are:
-The Lincoln that had a record player going without missing a beat (yes, staged, but still a neat concept).
-I also liked the Lexus ads from 1990 that showed a stack of wine glasses on top of an LS400.
-Cadillac's "Breakthrough" ads, especially the one for the STS: http://jesda.spilky.com/cadillac-partycrasher.mov
-All of Mazda's "zoom zoom" stuff. You cant convey sportiness more effectively than saying "zoom zoom"

The worst?
-Cadillac's turn of the century "FUSION OF DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY: THE POWER OF &" nonsense. I didnt realize until years later that those were for Cadillac.
-The Infinti rocks and trees. They did nothing to promote product awareness and none of the philosophical jibber-jabber made sense unless you already owned the car: http://www.q45.org/media.html
-Infiniti's "Own one and you'll understand." Yeah, great, but what was the compelling reason to own one? You're supposed to spend $53000 on a car just to get in on a secret?
-Mercedes-Benz and their "Love" campaign from the late 90s. They made their cars seem like weird ambiguous drugs for crazy people.
-The recent print ads where GM admitted to sucking in the 80s. What the hell do you gain from that?

I dont remember a whole lot from Nissan. "Enjoy the ride" and "Dogs love trucks" stood out the most in my memory. I thought "Built for the human race" was stupid. What, is everyone else building them for robots and pigs?

Lincoln Mark VIII: http://jesda.spilky.com/lincolnsuspension.mov

02-09-06, 05:09 PM
Vorsprung Durch Technik is one of the best catchlines, and everyone knows what youre talking about.

Also, the Mercedes E-class that drove into a car wash and came out as an A-Class.

Edit: Honda, The Power Of Dreams is a good one too!