: Oil Pressure Gauge Momentarily Drops to Zero???

02-09-06, 04:21 PM
First - this forum is great - thanks to all who contribute!

I've had my 98 catera for almost about 8 months. Since I've owned it, the oil pressure gauge will suddenly drop to zero for a few seconds, then pop right back up to normal. I seem to notice it most while driving at highway speeds; and it does it fairly regularly.

I'm not too concerned - its done it for 8 months, it runs fine, its been through several oil/filter changes, no warning lights, oil/coolant looks fine - no worries right???

Anyone experienced this or have any ideas what the cause? (I've seen the posts about low oil pressure at idle - this is different - it reads normal while driving, then drops to zero, then pops back up to normal)


02-09-06, 05:04 PM
it could be the sending unit might be messing up not really to sure but as long as the oil pressure is still there I would not worry to much about it.