View Full Version : B&B Cat Back Installed

02-09-06, 01:38 PM
Picked up a set of B&B cat back exhaust (X-Pipe, not resonator) from the forums and had the install finished last night. No, no headers for me because living in CA is just too big a hassle since nobody makes a 50 state legal set.
I love the sound, nice and throaty, with little or no droning at highway speeds, and the build quality is beautiful. I can easily recommend the B&B's.

The only "surprise" I had was the drastic change in the power band. I expected a bit of softening of the bottom end "grunt", but the change is just way more than I expected. Granted, the top end surge is much more pronounced, with the engine revving quicker and easier up top, and with a terrific growl.

I'm waiting for my Superchips tuner to come back from warranty so I can get it installed, and hopefully it will give me a bit of my bottom end back. Yeah, I know there are some super tuners here on the board, but I bought the Superchip before finding out about the magic available here on the board, and I don't feel like throwing the money I spent down the crapper.