: no pm until 50 posts

02-09-06, 12:54 PM
I cannot PM and I am a supporting member - why does it tell me I need 50 posts?

02-09-06, 02:32 PM
dang, that's a bug....I will notify Administrator about this.

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Harley Guy
02-09-06, 09:16 PM
Ain't that always the way....Some new kid comes on the block and think that he can just buy his way into the club. :thehand: Well let me tell ya fella, all us old timers paid our dues before we could do the big PM. Why hell, we had to read about all the cool mods everyone else was doing. Pull our hair out worrying that all the sh*t that was happening to other V's would happen to ours. And read over 1,600 posts by thebigjimsho! Man we we earned our stripes.:rant2: