: Radar Detector

02-08-06, 12:51 PM
I was running a radar dectector out of the cigarette lighter in my V and it ran down the battery because the lighter is "constant on". Does anyone know how to wire the detector into the electrical harness?


02-08-06, 01:13 PM

02-08-06, 01:17 PM
If you want, off the key switch there is a brown wire that is +12 when the ignition is on (accessory power).

I "caught" that with a Scotch splice for my application.

You can reposition the steering wheel and get at it.

02-14-06, 03:20 PM
What is a scotch splice?

02-14-06, 03:22 PM
depending on the year of your car, you can install a relay that will cause the outlets to go off 8 minutes after you turn off the car. Very handy and you no longer have to worry about this again...

02-14-06, 10:02 PM
The - move the fuse/install relay in empty spot trick - as in discussed in other threads did not work on my 2006.:(