: So what's the maximum passenger load of the '87 Brougham?

02-07-06, 11:06 AM
Because I think I broke it this weekend. I had the ol' bro-ham out at a couple of fine establishments (strip clubs) this weekend, like an 80's coke dealer, with a couple of my buddies, and the car didn't sound at all good. Me, being the lightest, at 190lbs, was driving. The 3 friends were 260, 260, and nearly 300, plus I have probably over 100lbs of stereo in the trunk. The poor level ride ran for like 15 minutes after leaving my driveway!:devilheh:

02-07-06, 11:24 AM
I got 6 people in my brougham. Probably around 7-800 pounds total.

02-07-06, 11:27 AM
Yeah, we were easily pushing 1000lbs of just people, not including the stereo.

02-07-06, 12:18 PM
Doubtful you can really hurt it, these cars are rated to tow >5000 lbs when "properly equipped", which is primarily spring and driveline enhancements. So you can load down the springs more than normal, but likely you won't hurt it.

My owners manual states when towing if the level ride is running continuously to disable it (yank fuse under hood) and run w/o and modify the rear suspension (load leveling springs, weight distributing hitch, etc).