: What's out YOUR backyard?

02-06-06, 04:14 PM
Just thought some of you guys might like to see what happens in my back yard every week or so..We live along the Salem River, and this bad boy steams up there every Sunday PM for the port about 1/2 mile away...

It's quite a thing to see a 200 foot freighter go by 30 feet from your back door... :bigroll:



02-06-06, 04:31 PM
Pics aren't showing up

02-06-06, 04:39 PM
Pics aren't showing up

How bout now? They show here for me, so I can't tell..

I'm messing with hotlink protection on my site, too many nutballs with MySpace pages are leeching my funny pictures....

Try again and let me know..

02-06-06, 04:40 PM
Well that's different!
Not much changes in our back yard. Just different birds at the feeders. Once we had a hawk back there. We call our bay window our cat's TV.

02-06-06, 04:43 PM
i see em, that things huge, the only thing in my back yard right now is an 86 monte carlo

02-06-06, 04:44 PM
The hood. :thepan:

02-06-06, 05:03 PM
Holy crap!

02-06-06, 05:17 PM
A covered porch and new swimming pool. :D

DopeStar 156
02-06-06, 05:22 PM
A broken tent, an above ground swimming pool with a hole and no water in it, a rotting wooden swing set and an equally as rotten shed.....

02-06-06, 05:32 PM
Well Sir, we have a patch of dog-poisoned earth where shopping carts go to die.

The front is a nice patio arrangement thoguh.

02-06-06, 05:52 PM
We currently have a nice field behind our house and can't see another building. We get lots of wildlife - deer, foxes, rabbits, squirrels etc and a wide variety of birds! However, that's about to change when they cram 75 dwellings into the 5 acres! :(

Unfortunately development land is scarce and very pricey - my guess is that at least £3M was paid for the 5 acre field, otherwise I would have put a bid in for it.

02-06-06, 05:54 PM
Deary me Peter,

They just demolished 56 houses out back of thise place, so for once, I can see something other than another house.

I can see a road. And some trees.

02-06-06, 06:12 PM
We are in the process of buying a(nother) house out in the country, looking towards retirement. That is set in gardens of almost an acre and has large fields to front and rear which won't be built on in our lifetime! :)

02-06-06, 06:35 PM
My dad lived in two places like that.

One was a middle suburb in South Northumberland, about half an acre of land, nice three car garage, 4 bed detatched house, you know the sort of thing, then the neighbour to the rear sold his house, and three were planned on the site, since a developer bought it. We would have lost any view the house had, so we moved whilst we still could, into a godalmighty huge house in a terrace of 33 officer's houses, built by the army for the army. Out front there was no road, only a footpath, and on the otherside a row of gardens belonging to the houses, then after that a strip of grass and a railway line only used twice a day. Lovely place, about 1/2 a mile from the sea, in a nice village.

Just before dad's marraige went down the pan the planning permission was given to built 250 homes on the strip of land, luckily the house was sold, and building work has now started.

It looks horrid.

No he lives in boringland. 3-Bed-Semi no view as such, alot of land, we have the biggest plot on the estate. At least nobodys going to spoil the view anymore.

02-06-06, 06:39 PM
We just have a normal backyard. Half is grass, the other half is cement. We have a shed that my boyfriend made (although I tease him about it because it is HUGE, it looks like a condo!) anyway, later on we plan to have a nice BBQ pit.

02-07-06, 09:46 AM
I've had two interesting back yards:

When I was younger I lived in Natick, Massachusetts. There was an army superfund cleanup site about 100 yards off our back yard (the perimeter fence was actually on our property) called Natick Labs where they make space food and army clothes (and spilled a ton of toxic chemicals back in the '60's or '70's). It was the worst thing to look at in the morning... rows of low, beige buildings, the occasional guard patrol, and every now and then a survey team testing the soil for various toxins. It did a good job reminding you not to drink the water, though.

At my current place in Oak Ridge, there is a creek about 100 yards behind my house that has signs from DOE warning against coming into any contact with the water - no touching, drinking, fishing, trying to jump across, etc. During World War II when they were making the atom bombs here, DOE was unaware of the dangers of the materials they were working with and ended up dumping tons of radioactive crap into the water that eventually spread to private property.

Out of town visitors are always surprised, but if you live here it's not too uncommon to see warning signs in peoples' backyards, out in the woods, in parks, etc.

- Joe

02-07-06, 09:50 AM
Deary me Peter,

They just demolished 56 houses out back of thise place, so for once, I can see something other than another house.

I can see a road. And some trees.

stop lying

02-07-06, 12:18 PM
We have a bunch of dog poop. We do not own dogs.

02-07-06, 12:23 PM
stop lying

Want a picture?

02-07-06, 12:28 PM
oh lord let's stop it already.

02-07-06, 12:31 PM

02-08-06, 07:15 AM
I can see a 74 Ford LTD country squire sans engine, trans., and driveshaft in my back yard.