View Full Version : Car drains battery in 30 minutes.

02-06-06, 01:35 AM
For some reason the battery in my 98 catera dies in less then 30 minutes when fully charged. The battery is new and I have charged it and left it for a few days and it still has a full charge when not connected the car. I did have a similar problem about 9 month ego but it turned out one of my side markers was sucking the juice out of the battery and had to replace it and every thing has been fine until now. Then I do charge the battery and turn the car on it runs fine but the battery gage is not moving up or down when you give it gas it just stays in the middle. I have upluged all the side markes and the fog light which had some water inside. How can i troubleshoot WTF is draining the car at such a hight rate. A fully charged battery dead in 30 minutes. Should I just start to take out fuses until i hit the right one. If I do take out a fuse does that disable a short circuit if their is one. If anybody can help me out that would be great....thanks

02-06-06, 01:42 AM
I do have a probe to check the voltage and the alternator is charging at full 12-14 and the battery is holding a charge after 6 days of sitting in the garage. The only thing I can say is that day it rained and snowed like crazy came out of work and car was dead had to get a jump. Water+catera+bad

02-08-06, 11:56 AM
I think the charging system in these cars suck. First there's no auxillary position like on NORMAL cars if you want to run the radio. My battery dies in about 45 mins. if I leave the key on with the radio on if I'm cleaning my car.

02-08-06, 12:41 PM
You can follow the procedure I outlined here: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64852

Or the Car Craft site has a good troubleshooting guide for this type of problem that you might find useful.


One caution: If your car is drawing a large amount of power, say, beyond 10 amps. And you do connect a multi-meter the way I described. And your multi-meter does not have the capability of reading beyond 10 amps or whatever it's rated for. And your multi-meter does not have a fuse that will blow above 10 amps. You will likely burn out your multi-meter. You will have burned up a cheap multi-meter because good ones are fused but you will likely burn it out.

02-12-06, 04:07 AM
Ill follow the troubleshooting guide and let you guys know what i find. I know the battery is new (few months old), new alternator (replaced it myself few months old)...It might be the positive (red) cable going from alternator to battery...when i think about it I did not like the shape it was in when replacing the alternator. The catera is always fun, its the only car that plays
psychological warfare with its owner.