: Casper Electronics TPS Enhancer

02-05-06, 11:20 PM
Has anyone ever heard of or installed this mod on their Northstar engine? If you have, what gains have you noticed if any? What is the benefit of this is what I am curious about. I see that they dont even make one for northstar engines but for the 3800 L67's. But apparently they can still be used with the NS right? Or else how the hell would Bruce have one on his SLS. Hmm..

02-05-06, 11:54 PM
It's supposed to tell the computer that anything over 70% throttle input is 100%. It's kinda pointless though, since when you put your foot to the floor, that's 100% throttle input anyway.

02-06-06, 01:21 AM
It is a simple op-amp and mux, well, that is at least my deisgn for it. $5 to $10 in parts. Does it work? Depends on what you define as work. If you don't go to WOT, but under heavy throttle, it will fool the PCM into thinking you are at WOT. Which in reality might actually decrease timing, or reduce it where it shouldn't be reduced.

But in the early 90's GM changed the stategy how min idle and WOT tps is determined, to eliminate the need for TPS alignments. Basically when the car is started, the TPS value is read, it is assumed that this is min idle tps, and the WOT is already assumed when you are at 70% or higher. So this device likely would be just a waste of $$.