View Full Version : Help...what Tires Should I Buy???

02-05-06, 11:10 PM
Please let me know what tires I should purchase next. The runflats are too expensive. I want to go wider on the stock rims. All responses appreciated.

02-06-06, 03:18 AM
wasssup v-love, Remember my tires, they grip perfect and rule when it rains,
get the falken fk451 you won't be dissapointed,
the tires are showing awesome wear and grip amazing, The tire shop i got them is the cheapest in the usa and they are located here in miami and have them in stock
245 for the front and 275 on the rear, you will love them besides the hop is almost gone too.
trust, let me know and i will send you the addi so you can go pick up a set, good price awesome grip and good wear , what else can you ask for, besides whats the worse that can happen, oh wait, you can sit and do brun outs and wear them out:histeric: :histeric: get them you'll love em, perfect for miami weather

02-06-06, 09:14 AM
I'm a big fan of the Toyo Proxes t1-s/r line. The S's were discontinued and replaced with the R. I'm putting a set of S's on my V (255/45 all around) when my runflats are done.