: New member kind of

12-31-03, 02:12 AM
I have been reading the posts here for some time and finally registered, I love cadillacs I am 25 and have had four so far my 93 is my baby lots of money into it, its built lowrider style which I know most of you dont like but thats ok I am here to give my input, and no I dont think im a pimp or a gangster either just love lowriders.

12-31-03, 06:52 AM
If that orange car's yours it looks cool from what I can see. Maybe post a bigger pic.

12-31-03, 08:17 AM
Welcome aboard! And thank you for signing up.. Post some pictures for us. We've got an image section just for this reason. I'd love to see bigger pictures of your Fleetwood...

12-31-03, 08:39 AM
to each is his own.
everyone has there own style when it comes to cars. There are a lot of cars on this board that i personally don't like the look b/c its not my taste but i know that there is time and effort into the look and that is what i respect.

12-31-03, 03:01 PM
Yeah im the same way, i respect even the ugliest cars that show time and effort. Anyway if anyone gives u a hard time tell me......ill make them an offer they cant refuse.

12-31-03, 04:02 PM
Welcome....That things pretty cool.....unusal too that why I think some people will like it when we see bigger pictures

12-31-03, 11:35 PM
I would post more pics but it took me an hour just to get my avitar to work. I just dont understand how to post pics, and I dont know why I cant figure it out. Ill tell you a little about my car 93 fleetwood bought from the original owner babied its whole life it had 130,000 miles on it, since purchase I have painted it plymouth prowler orange, painted the mouldings to, the paint is show quality costing about 7,000, I have installed 6 tvs, headrests,visors,indash tv dvd, and in the steering wheel, I have also started changing the interior to white leather and painted all the woodgrain orange, and the latest was the bumper kit with an actual wheel in it I love my car and making it unique. I still have a lot of work left hydros sin con roof and plating the suspension.

01-01-04, 03:33 AM
Sounds bad ass, if u want email me the pics at kamakazi84@aol.com and ill put them on the site for the world to see, but really the pictures section is quite easy!!!! (I dunno if you noticed their is a whole other section for pictures)

01-03-04, 01:43 AM
Here is some crappy pics.

01-03-04, 04:12 AM
That car is the shit.

01-03-04, 04:46 AM
Thanks man it still has a lot of work till im done.

01-06-04, 10:58 PM
thats such a beautiful car

01-07-04, 12:31 AM
I see you have painted interior parts....i was thinking about doing that also....any suggestions?

01-07-04, 12:53 AM
Is that a screen in the steering wheel?

01-07-04, 01:27 AM
Whats up, yes that is a screen in steering wheel, it was actually pretty easy to put in. I did paint all of the mouldings and yes it did suck it took forever to prep them properly, I also painted my licence plate box in the back but that was a waste cause now my bumper kit covers it. And thanks for the comment Fritzi you are also beautiful.

01-07-04, 08:14 AM
awwww.*bows head* flattering

01-07-04, 11:39 PM
That's pretty slick. I'm dig'n the color scheme. Nice dude, :thumbsup: You rock'n juice or is it still stock?

01-07-04, 11:45 PM
Where did you buy that bumper tire kit? Looks pretty damn sweet!!!

01-08-04, 12:13 AM
I only need a couple more things and I will start installing my hydraulics, three pumps 12 batts and reinforced properly, I got the bumper kit from eandg classics, they very expensive almost 1000 bux and they dont come with a rim they have a hub cap, when I ordered my wheels I had the spokes powdercoated candy orange and got a fifth one to put in the bumper kit, not a fun job but well worth it, and thanks for all of the positive comments.