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02-05-06, 01:52 PM
I was wondering if someone in this Forum could answer a few questions that have been on my mind concerning the 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood:

1. How do you access the little bulbs that are in the headlight indicators located on top of the right and left front fenders?

2. What is the black plastic canister-like object that is connected to the bottom of the air intake duct? It is next to the left exhaust manifold and it attaches by means of a press fit into the duct itself and a steel tab extending from the exhaust manifold.

3. How long are the u-joints on this vehicle expected to last? My Fleetwood has 149,850 miles in it. Should I think about replacing them soon even though they make no unusual noises? I'd like to grease them, but there are no grease fittings on the u-joints. Why?

4. Is it recommended to change the oil in the differential or leave well enough alone?

5. Are the rear shocks on the Fleetwood off-the-shelf items or are they expensive special-order units as in the case of the 1988-1994 Lincoln Continentals? How do you know when to replace the rear shocks?

6. Is there a filter in the air pump that needs periodic attention or is that a no-service item?

That's it! Thanks in advance for answers to some or all of these questions. This is a great Forum. The collective wisdom and advice from all participants is a helpful resource to Fleetwood owners who would like to maximize the life of their vehicles. Thank you.

02-05-06, 04:30 PM
Those little lights on the fenders don't have bulbs in them. They have cables that goto the headlights to make them light up so if they aren't on and the lights are good the cables are probably disconnected.

U-joints last a while. You can check them yourself or ask a garage to check them then next time you're at one. If they aren't worn out you don't need to change them. A lot of them don't have greas fittings.

You can change the oil in the rear end if you want but I don't think there's really any mileage that you're supposed to change it at. You can check it to see if it's still full and if the oil in it is still good or not. I can't answer any of those other questions because I don't have a Fleetwood but hopefully this helps :)