: Torque convertor can damage the solenoids?

02-04-06, 11:40 PM
Hy there. Please help me with some problems.

Is about my car an 1995 cadillac deville concourse.
What will happen when the TC will be dead and how much you think might cost the replacement? The improper functioning of TC can damage other parts such the solenoids that I have already changed?

What I notice today is that the shifter seems does not enter into the right slot for the D-drive gear and from that point if I'll depress it very slightly the shifter will slip toward down less then 1 inch and on board appears the 3rd gear. This point is not the write slot for the 3rd gear.
If I switch in the normal way the shifter for the 3rd gear this will enter in the right slot for the 3rd gear but from this point I do not have the same slip toward drive or 2nd gear which I think it is the normal way to be.
Any suggestions?
Thank you very much.

02-07-06, 01:31 AM
Hy there,
I made myself some investigation, I spoke with 2 mechanics and their opinion was that the improper functioning of the TC can not damage the solenoids.