: Actuators again...Sorry!

02-04-06, 08:19 PM
I was having the same problem that many others were having, cold air
blowing on the passenger side.
It was making noise so I reset the actuator on the passenger side & it now
blows warm.
But, now it blows cold on the driver's side! I did the "auto & off" re-sync but no luck. It seems I just traded one side for the other. There are no noises
when you shut the engine off as before. I haven't tried to do anything to it yet, I thought maybe someone has an idea to try.
Also, many of us owe alot to the kind people who share their experiences
here, it is much appreciated!

02-07-06, 07:00 AM
Well, if it helps someone else, I ended up re-setting the actuator
on the drivers side as well & now it blows warm on both sides.

This time I just loosened the bolts, did the "auto-off" re-sync &
then tightened the bolts back.

11-17-09, 07:21 PM
How would one reset the acuators in the rear AC unit??
My Escalade first of all only blew cold air out of the rear air. I swapped the acuators and now they are both inop! Help.