: Bad rotors/Shaky Ride

02-04-06, 05:48 PM
Would warped rotors cause the car to ride shaky? I know I need rotors because when I stop the steering wheel shakes....not too bad but it's noticeable. But when I'm driving around 25 to 40 MPH, the car starts to shake on the passenger side. Feels like a low tire. I have new Dunlop GT Qualifier tires and I thought because the shop put the tires one the smooth side on the driver's side and the non-smooth side on the passenger side that maybe it caused the shake but these aren't the one-directional tires and I felt the tires and they're in excellent shape.

02-04-06, 08:23 PM
The rotor problem should only cause roughness when the brakes are applied. You can start by just re-turning the rotors. Some friction materials are more likely to induce rotor roughness, others are tend to prevent it. If a 97 or 98 model year, the original friction material for this vehicle was a higher abrasive material that tended to prevent rotor roughness, the downside was excess wheel dust. After using aftermarket product-less wheel dust but terrible roughness, I went back to the OE material for this reason. no problems since doing so.