: So so so so close!!!

Seattle CTS-V
02-03-06, 07:15 PM
Spoke to the shop installing my Maggie and the car is completely done! However, somewhere during the new clutch and differential install by the dealership the speedometer stopped working. They couldn't figure out what was wrong so they're gonna have to keep it over the wknd so they can figure it out on Monday. OMG, I was sooooo close to having an amazing wknd and now I'm gonna have to drag my ass around in this lil' V6 CTS for a few more days. I hate being teased like this. Oh well, I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end!

02-03-06, 07:21 PM
I had a CTS V6 (2.8) for 16 days while they were touching Katrina up. I damned near went insane. It felt so Fracking good to drive the V to work this morning and on the way in to make this guy in his new Honda Civic Si (still had paper tags) figure out he wasn't really driving a fast car :bouncy: Sorry to hear you won't have it on the weekend. Good luck not going Postal ;)

02-03-06, 07:22 PM
What did the shop say?
It stopped working at 165?LOL
You sure they just didn't push the button that turns the display off?

02-03-06, 07:24 PM
I had a a cts for a day and it has a pretty good pick up.

02-03-06, 08:54 PM
That's very exciting.

You are going to have a big grin for a long time I think... :cloud9:

Seattle CTS-V
02-04-06, 02:36 AM
I just hope they don't call Monday evening and tell me they STILL haven't figured out why the speedo still doesn't work.

02-04-06, 12:49 PM
Good Luck!!!

Hope shes home soon