: Horn Location on a 1978 Coupe Deville?

02-03-06, 03:00 PM
Where is the Horn Located on a 1978 Coupe Deville? and what do I have to do to access it so I can replace it?

02-03-06, 03:16 PM
The horns should be somewhere up at the front of the engine compartment, either infront of the radiator, behind the headlights, or kinda under the fenders infront of the wheelwells. There should be two or three horns.

Before replacing them, check that the horns are indeed dead. Unplug the wire lead going to the horn and using another wire, touch one end to the + battery terminal and the other to the lead on the horn. Obviously, you'll know if it's working :rolleyes:
If the horns aren't at fault, it is likely the horn relay which is under the dash someplace.

02-03-06, 11:02 PM
Thanks for the info!!

02-20-06, 01:50 AM
I tried and could not locate it???can someone post a photo of where the horn is located?

The Ape Man
02-20-06, 04:15 AM
IIRC, they should be inside the front fenders on both sides of the car. Look for a single wire with a push-on plug heading into the fender.