: HAHA! A Super Bowl!

02-01-06, 06:37 PM

terrible one
02-01-06, 07:07 PM

I like that.

02-01-06, 07:56 PM
Good one! :thumbsup:

02-01-06, 07:57 PM

02-01-06, 08:11 PM
Hahaha, when I read the title, I thought it was gonna be something like a picture of a very large serving bowl.

02-01-06, 08:16 PM
I was kinda thinking along the lines of a bowl to smoke bud from

02-01-06, 09:25 PM
I'm not watching it.

02-01-06, 09:44 PM
WHAT?!?!?! but but but.....why?

02-01-06, 11:26 PM
Me neither. Just was never interested in Football.
I like Car Racing (any type - Especially Daytona 500) and Baseball.

On Memorial day weekend, I have some guys over and we get sloppy joes and R/C Colas and Rolling Rocks & chips & dips and take over the den and hoot-it-up & pig out. Loads of fun, our Daytona 500 Party. Oh we sometimes get a pizza, too. Frst the sloppies, always!
My lovely wife takes the car, promisses me she'll park it in Iceland and heads for the Maul ! Oops.... Mall, (for a loong time) :gnome: = Wife :alchi: = The Boys

02-02-06, 10:11 AM
I watched every damn game the Colts played this year. They started 13-0, finished 1-3. They forgot to show up for the playoffs.

I hope the Steelers win because I think Bill Cowher is a really good guy and he deserves it.

But I'm not watching it.

I'll put on the Lifetime channel, or AMC or TCM and watch some ******y musical.

Not watching football ever again.


Do you hear me NOW?






02-02-06, 11:03 AM
It's the one thing I TiVo to skip the program and watch the commercials.

Professional sports are meh.