: Window won't roll back up after Dynamat job

01-31-06, 07:42 PM
Well I applied Dynamat liberally to each of the front doors for my audio install. The speakers sound amazing (Image Dynamics CXS64 components) but I rolled down the window and it won't roll back up more than 2 inches. I thought I made sure not apply Dynamat to any moving parts and to keep it away from mechanical parts for te window motor, but I obviously F'd it up. It finally rolled back up after trying for 30 minutes and a little muscle into the window. By the way, the driver side stuck on the way up 2 inches from the bottom. The passenger window however went all the way down and on the way back up it made a slight popping noise where the driver side window got stuck.

Anyone had this happen or know what could be causing it without me ripping off all the Dynamat to troubleshoot the problem?

01-31-06, 08:06 PM
Well I would first start by removing the door panel and inspecting the dynamat to see where it is touching/rubbing. It should be pretty obvious as soon as you take it apart. How thick did you put it on? Maybe it's putting pressure up against the glass.

01-31-06, 08:13 PM
I put on an average of 2-3 layers of Dynamat Extreme on outer skin and 1 layer on inner door skin. There's no way its touching the glass, but I think it may be touching a moving part, have no clue where though... This sucks... I was so proud of my isntall and how it turned out, until I rolled the window down!!!!!!!!!!

01-31-06, 08:14 PM
i've never had that happen.....
i can honestly say i've not even felt the "track" the window goes in...just stuck to the very outer door metal.
hmmm....take it back apart and look for moved/peeled/displaced mat, it'll be sticky side out:)
then just make sure the door panel plugs into the door recepticle, you may also be electrically shorting the controls

01-31-06, 08:17 PM
oh and hey...you can be our guinea pig:)
while you're ripped apart take the side mirror off and see if you can engineer a method to seal around it....you may have to reach WAY up inside. There is a gap below the mirror which lets air into the door....that has to be stopped.

01-31-06, 08:24 PM
I'm back in Arizona, the car is in Vegas. I'll give that a try next weekend when I'm back to work on the V.