: accessing rear spark plugs

01-31-06, 07:27 PM
hey guys i have not done antything advanved to my engine except changed the FPR but i was wondering how do i access my rear spark plugs and wires as i need to change the wires. can someone maybe give me a walkthrough? also, is there anything extremely touchy or easily adjusted/ruined by getting in and around my engine? i will be working around the throttle body/intake, anything i should be extremely careful of there?
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01-31-06, 08:24 PM
I dont think there is really any worries about damaging other components on plug removal as long as you use a long extension on the plug wrench (I think a few are a little awkward to access).
The main points to remember are...
1. twist the plug wire boot half or a full turn and pull the plug wire off by the boot only, otherwise you may seperate the wire from the boot and end up needing a set if plug wires.
2. I always find its a good idea to put a vacuum cleaner hose over the plug holes before removal to get rid of any crap that is down there so that it cant fall into the cylinders when you remove the plugs.
Oh and if you take more than one plug wire off.... number them first or it can get really confusing lol .

Tommy Deville
02-01-06, 03:12 AM
get some platinum split fire plugs they rock

02-01-06, 04:04 AM
First of all why are you replacing the wires? If it's just as regular maintenence do the plugs as well. It's best to stick to delco plugs and wires.

02-01-06, 07:12 AM
I take the 10mm bolts out of the coil assembly after using a pen to number the plug wire boots at the coils, then remove the whole ignition assembly and set it off to the side.
You can also remove the big brace that runs accross the engine compartment at the strut towers for more room.
Remove the plug wires as sets, front and rear.
Take the plug harnesses apart one wire at a time and match one old one to the length of a new one in the set.
Number each new one and put it back into the harness the same way the old one came out. Do that for all the wires, then install the two harness sets back on the car.

Using compressed air to blow the debris out of the holes or a vacuum as mentioned above is a very good idea.
Use delco plugs and wires for the most reliable results. GM engines are picky about spark plugs and most aftermarket plugs produce a poor flame front and really won't burn well.
Make sure to number the plug wires at both ends so you can match them to the coil and to the cylinder.

Then just bolt the coil assembly back on, make sure any ground straps are properly installed, install the support brace and drive away.

02-01-06, 10:03 PM
by the "ignition assembly" you are talking about just the coil pack or? sorry i seem so amataur but i cant even see the rear plugs or wire boots from the top of the engine, the way it sits- minus the hood and heat/noise cover... :)

02-01-06, 10:08 PM
Yes. Remove the beauty cover and the cross brace. Then the ICM or "coil pack". Be advised, there are 2 hidden screws on the back side that require the braile method to R & R. Once you move the ICM you can see the plugs. I have removed the without removing the ICM but it is easier if removed.

02-02-06, 05:52 AM
Yes, you can take the coil/module/bracket off as an assembly.
There are 3 or 4, 10mm head bolts that hold the ignition assembly on the rear valve cover.
Getting that out of the way makes it real easy, but yes you have to remove the "beauty cover" to see what we are talking about.
That's four 13mm head plastic nuts.