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01-31-06, 06:58 PM
Does anyone know how to remove the computer from a 2006 cts-v LS2...I want to get a tune..Are there any precautions I should take?

01-31-06, 07:00 PM
same as the 04/05 as far as I know...


01-31-06, 07:20 PM
so how do i do that?

01-31-06, 07:50 PM
so how do i do that?

Just visit the best V website on Earth. :canttalk:


01-31-06, 08:02 PM
no answer on there

01-31-06, 08:31 PM
I still cannot find the answer...Can someone please tell me how to remove the PCM..step by step??? thanks

01-31-06, 08:35 PM
:hmm::hmm::hmm::hmm: Are we looking at the same link? Click on Page 1, 2, & 3.

01-31-06, 08:37 PM
i do know the LS2 PCM is sized differently, but you're saying the FAQ service manual page did nothing for you?

Did you remove the lower air dam? Its held on by about 20 fasteners. Then did you look behind the left fog assembly for a black box w/ a screw and tons of wires?

Take pics of the front underside with the air dam off if the FAQ doesnt work for you. You're the first '06 owner to attempt this. It may or may not be very similar if not identical to the FAQ.

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02-01-06, 05:05 PM
On my 05 its under the front air dam. Go to the auto store and by a selection of fasteners, all makes, Ford, Chr, GM, becuase you will break some pulling them off. The hardest part of the job is jacking up and securing the car, if you don't have a lift.

Disconnect the battery, after you know how many telephone minutes you have, the car may forget. Jack it up. Remove air dam.

Way on the drivers side is a black cover with on small bolt holding it. Its about 3 to 4 inches by 8. After the bolt is out you may have to fight it get it off.

When off you will see the silver PCM, it is held in by friction and you can pull it down. Take a look how it fits while you take it out, as its not obvious how to put back.

Two small bolts hold on the connections. And you are done.

Lindsay Cadillac
02-01-06, 05:14 PM
Just checked service information and the 2006 procedure is identical to 2005, so you should be covered with the instructions on the FAQ.