View Full Version : Gas tank pressure

01-31-06, 06:12 PM
OK, this problem has been nagging on me for some time. When I open the gas tank, it almost pops off into my hand due to a pressure build up. It does it year round, but it seems to be worse during very warm temps (as might be expected). I keep thinking that the vent holes in the cap are blocked or it is due to a pluged charcoal canister or something...

Any one else out there have this problem? Should I be concerned?

While I am at it, does anyone know where I might score the fake woodgrained plastic insert for the door handle? Mine fell off somewhere and is lost. The closest I have ever seen is one included with the entire door panel. I just need one... Any help?


01-31-06, 06:23 PM
Mine does too, 94 FWB LT1. Some say it is sucking in, I think mine is blowing out, as it seems to push it off in my hand.