: Outside Temp = -45???

Cadillac Dave
01-31-06, 12:20 PM
Compared to the other problems I'm having with my 87 Brougham, one of the minor ones is that whenever I push the button for Outside Temperature on the climate control panel, I always get a reading of -45. Also, I've noticed that only the floor blowers cut on. Sometimes the defrost blowers work. Never the main blowers.
The car had been sitting stationary for a little over 2 years. I'm currently running the car without a belt driving both the A/C compressor (it's shot/about to be shot).
I realize that the defroster won't work well w/o the compressor being driven, my concern is the fact that the blowers seem to be working intermittently. Should I be concerned?

01-31-06, 12:48 PM
Check the outside temp sensor and/or related wiring.