: Dealer Can't Get Xm Radio Into Nav>!!!

01-31-06, 12:27 AM
I'm in Canada and took my car into gm to program XM into the nav unit. The mechanic used the tech 2 unit and it kept saying the digital receiver could not be found. we are baffled!!! do i need to install a module into the car or something? THE mechanic has no idea or even service manager. Any info would be welcomed!!! THANKS:banghead:

01-31-06, 12:33 AM
Are you talking XM radio traffic?

Check the FAQ's or do a search.

On early model 05's it won't work.

We got hosed.

01-31-06, 12:41 AM
NOT XM TRAFFIC just regular XM . INn Canada we just got XM availability and i asumed gm could just download to get it to work. NO dice !! ANY info???

01-31-06, 12:56 AM
I misunderstood.
When you wrote XM and NAV I assumed traffic.

The XM radio option should be on your window sticker.

If not, you may be missing a key part(s) for the XM to work (like an XM radio tuner).

I assume the dealer has another V on the lot that the XM does work in to compare.

The radio stuff is under the rear deck lid.

link to XM activation:http://www.cadillacfaq.com/faq/answers/pdf/xmtech2prog.pdf

01-31-06, 12:58 AM
I think i get what you are saying... You cannot program XM into the radio. A module IS required for XM to work (and then program it)....

There are aftermarket kits available so you dont have to buy the GM version.


02-02-06, 08:27 PM
Any info on the module from GM. Or any info on a recomend for aftermarket?? Thanks ahead of time!!!!

02-02-06, 08:49 PM
I would look to see if I could get one from a total.

Then all you have to do is activate it.

I would say call GM but that would probably be worthless.

02-02-06, 09:30 PM
The XM module is on restriction..

Radios and more has a complete kit that is almost identical to the factory XM (song titles and everything)... I dont , however, think it will give you XM nav traffic...


02-02-06, 10:44 PM
Did you buy the car in Canada? I suspect that since sat. radio was just cleared there, GM didnt put the modules in the Great White North's cars.
My .02