: Problems can some1 help?

01-30-06, 07:32 AM
Hi all im having a problem with my catera when i drive it , it feels like the botomm is goona fall right out , a couple of friends have driven in it with me and they all say shoocks, it sounds really bad . and my wheel alingment is off. also my dash board Lights are out , can any 1 give me a price as to what they think i will be charged for all this? not to mention my windsheild is cracked... Damnnn lol

01-30-06, 12:23 PM
Please say the model year of the car and say how many miles you have on it.

01-30-06, 01:41 PM
without know what noise it is making I would more than likely sat that the control arm bushings are bad that is why your alignment is off also so replace bushings then get an alignment. you can get a cheap windshield from a junk yard use this search engine for national junk yards car-part.com. now for your dash lights check the fuses and make sure they are all good.

01-31-06, 07:41 AM
Thanks, my model yeah is 98 with about 67,000 miles