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Night Wolf
01-29-06, 11:20 PM
Well, not really trails and stuff... just alot of getting stuck.... and the driver of an S10 being a little oo happy on the go pedal :)....

the silver TJ in there... SWEET! :) Ah man... seeing videos likes this makes me want the Jeep sooner... still, I see this kinda stuff and it just calls my name out :).


01-30-06, 06:05 AM
Looks a little sad to me. Clearly lacking sane physics. How would you pull a car out of dirt with high speed?

01-30-06, 06:40 AM
Pfft. Amateurs. Pathetic ones if you ask me :rolleyes:

Night Wolf
01-30-06, 11:49 AM
That YJ was stuck in ice.... not dirt :)

The driver of the S10 wasn't too smart...

still, it was neat to watch :)

01-30-06, 02:35 PM
Hey Rick - that's a fun video.

I didn't know you were thinking about a Jeep. I've owned several, and bent a few wrenches in a Jeep dealer service department (a looong time ago). If I can offer you any help in picking out a good one, let me know.

BTW - that is one awesome night shot of your CDV.

Night Wolf
01-30-06, 04:38 PM
Thanks :) The pictures are really cool

Here is the thread:


Yeah, I really want a Jeep... its such a drastic change from the 3 boats I have now, but thats just it... I want a change... I NEED a change :)

The Jeep in question will be a 2003-2006 TJ. Lots of little changes were made to the TJ in '03, hence the '03+. Since these things hold their resale nearly better then Honda, I'll be eyeing '03-'05.... but '03/'04 would probably be my target...

The '05 Rocky Mountain Edition I like alot because of the painted flares (not a big deal anymore) the 6spd, they all have the D44 and a nice mix of options...

Then I really wanted a Rubicon, I like the lockers. But the Rubicon gets even worse gas mileage for daily driver (what it would be) and the Rubicon is a good $3,000+ then a Sport (used) that difference alone can make/brake the deal.

I like the Sahara, they have the painted flares and nearly fully loaded (a TJ fully loaded...lol) so I am eyeing '03/'04 Sahara.

Of course this also includes '03+ Sports.

At first I wanted '05+ for the 6spd, but if I can loose 2 years and in turn, get a cheaper Jeep, that would be better. Plus, the 5spd is higher overall geared then the 6spd... most owners with the 6spd don't even use 1st on the street, they say its too high for rock crawling and too low for street use, so they start in second. Sicne I would at somepoint after upgrades like 33" tires (don't want to go too much, it will be a DD for a looong time) the lower geared 6spd, and even Rubicon 4.11 gears would be much better in that situation.

I will be done with school in exactly a year, goal is to get a good job, figure out where I'll be and start saving up. I think a year after that (working for a year by that time) would be a good money-saving period... and in Spring of '08 I'll be Jeep hunting.... looking for '03/'04 Sport/Sahara/Rubicon. If I can afford a Rubicon, I would prefer it, I may even splurge... otherwise a Sahara would be nice.

I am hoping with the release of the '07 Wrangler later this year, it'll help knock TJ prices down even more.

No matter what year/trim I get... it MUST have: 4.0 I6, though all these trims only have it. Manual transmission is a must, weather it is the 5 or 6spd... tired of autos, and I really want a manual. Dana44 option... no D35 for me! 3.73 gears is Sport/Sahara. Soft top... I want a convertible and I want to easily make the Jeep topless :) Dual tops is fine, as long as there is a soft top there. AC is a must as well as the leather-wrapped steering wheel since it includes cruise control (which is a must) Another option I would really like, though not a deal breaker, is factory tinted windows for the soft top. the nice 7-speaker CD sound system is pretty high on the list also. Colors... I like the Patriot Blue, blue is my favorite color... though on the TJ I really like the Khaki, so I think Kahki would be my top pick, as well as Patriot Blue and silver. Black is sweet, but the TJ will be taken off-road, and black shows everything... another reason for the silver... and even kahki... lighter colors. black soft top on silver Jeep is nice, the two-tone kahki Jeep is nice too. Interior is nice in either black or... kahki :) Ah gosh, I think I'll stop now :)

Anyway, I renewed the registration on my domain.... so my site is back up and running... here is the video my friend made, the clips were made using 1/2 the video I actually got, so there was alot more, he made the video.... nearly completely stock truck... but so much fun... a major factor of the fun is just being there with a best friend having a great time in the middle of nowhere in Hawaii :) It was great. He loves that truck though... kinda cool to go off-roading for the day, get it all dirty, then take it back home, wash it and wax it, despite the scratches/few dents on it...lol.... great times.....

Gah! I really want the Jeep... the hardest thing in the next 2 years will be waiting :)


Night Wolf
01-30-06, 04:45 PM
A couple more cool off-roading videos...

This Nissan Trails video is really cool, I like the song too. That purple Nissan is a freakin beast!


^ Land Rovers actually getting used for what they should be :) Those were really cool too.

This is a really cool 4Runner going all over... my type of off-roading...faster instead of slower :)


Night Wolf
01-30-06, 05:02 PM
This is definitly the Jeep for me! All it needs is the soft top... perfect colors, nice options... love the Rubi's :)





I like the leather shift boot of the '05+ instead of the accordiean rubber thing... so that would get switched :)

Heh, I managed to hi-jack my own thread :)

01-30-06, 08:29 PM
Oh comon' Rick, tell us what your really want!

If you're going the TJ route, which is a good decision by the way, I'd suggest you go for the cheapest, least optioned ride you can find. Don't spend the money for a Rubicon or Sahara. Out of ten nasty trails the Rubicon can handle, a bone stock TJ Sport with skinny tires and steel wheels will be able to follow it through nine of them. Besides, if you spend a ton up front on a really pretty chick magnet Jeep, you won't want to romp through the woods and scratch it all up. Trust me on this, I just sold an 83 CJ-7 Laredo with 40 thousand original miles. It looked showroom new, and consequently I never wanted to go play on the trails.

Besides, a car guy like you is going to want to jazz that Jeep. Make it your own! There is so much aftermarket stuff out there you can literally build a brand new Jeep from the ground up out of catalogs. The keys to successful four wheeling are suspension flex, axle gearing (lockers if you can afford 'em!) and good tires. The TJ is the perfect platform to start with. If you plan to start 'wheeling' right away, make your first investment a winch.

Also, don't discount the automatic. I've driven both on the trails, and being able to just idle along without messing with a clutch is a blessing when the going gets rough.

01-30-06, 08:32 PM
BTW - here's a pic of my long lost Laredo...sniff...

01-30-06, 08:36 PM
Yeah Rick, he's right, if its all ncie and shiney you wont want to mash it up.

My Rangey is a Vogue SE model, with the 4.4 V8, as opposed to the Diesel.

I twas a big move to take a 60,000 car off road for the first time, i didnt want to, but now its screwed and I can live with that.

Night Wolf
01-30-06, 09:04 PM
Well, there are a few reasons for the Rubicon choice...

first, SE is out of the question... don't want the 4 banger :) X is out as well... why? biggest reason - no Dana44 option.

That leaves the Sport/Sahara/Rubicon.

This isn't going to just be a trail rig, it is going to be a daily driver for years, as it'll be my only new(er) vehicle for a really long time.

The start simple and build up is great for trail rigs, but really, I am going to be making payments, so I am not going to be able to dump loads of money into it. The Rubicon offers lots of nice features, I like the D44 front and rear, with the 4.11 gears. The front and rear selectable air lockers are a major plus too, the other stuff is good to have also.

I am still unsure of the Sport/Rubicon though, I need to see how much the price difference will be in ~2 years when I am going to be in the market, as well as how much I'll be able to afford. I am still undecided, and I would be happy with a nicely loaded Sport, but if the difference between the Sport and the Rubicon isn't all that great... hell, may as well get the Rubicon. Getting good front and rear lockers on the Sport would nearly equal the cost difference anyway.

The reason why I threw the Sahara in was because they seem to be nearly the same price as the Sport. no real difference.... may as well get the better trim level if it'll be the same price.

Either way, I want to find the cleanest, mint Jeep I can find... not only because it'll be my first "new" car.... but also I don't want a TJ that someone else already beat off-road, and with people buying them and never taking them off-road, finding a mint example should be easy... I see them here alot.

The desire for a manual isn't for trail use... if it was stright up trail rig, I think I would prefer an auto... but I want a change from what I have, hence going from a Cadillac DeVille to a Jeep Wrangler :) I am 18 y/o (right now) so I want to live a little. I have drove manual cars and really like it. The idea of getting another automatic dosn't appeal to me in the slightest, I am tired of automatics, tired of *cars* in general. I test drove an '03 Sport... loaded with the exact options I'd want and even in a great color combo (silver/black soft top, black interior). It was a 5spd and that pretty much sealed the deal... just being in the Jeep and having the 5spd was enough.... but I liked it so much. Plus, if I ever get tired of the manual for a bit or need a better riding vehicle for the highway or whatever... I'll still have the Coupe :)

But yeah...if it was a 2nd vehicle, or trail only I would be doing things alot different.... but since it'll be a DD as well as off-road as much as I can, I need to make some compromises... which is just basically just getting more of the creature comfort options.

I'll be in the market in Spring of '08... somewhere around there.... hopefully I can find a nice '03/'04 Sport...maybe Rubicon for $10-$13k, that'll be my target price range.... couple more years of deflation and the new Wrangler model coming out, I am hoping the value will drop a bit... I'd like to save up atleast $2,000 for a down payment, then I'll have to finance the rest, but i really don't want to go that more expensive, because I am really not in the situation to afford a really expensive vehicle, plus I think that is a fine price range for someone just starting on life :) By then I'll have had the Coupe for nearly 5 years! Thats plenty of time with the same car..... but i really need a change... as much as I love the Coupe, and I enjoy it so much... nearly every time I get in I just think back to driving that TJ and kinda wish I had that instead :)

No worries though... the Coupe is never leaving me as long as I am around... I made that decsison shortly after I got her :).

BTW, Thats a sweet CJ! You don't find many of them still in origanal, clean condition anymore...

Night Wolf
01-30-06, 11:45 PM
Here we go! Once I get the Jeep, I'll just have to find a girl like this (she can drive a manual!)


Man, I'd be set! :)

While the TJ is one of the worst trucks for towing, a small po-up is fine.... 10 or 12' would be cool. I'd love to get a simple used pop-up of this size for camping/traveling. I think that is a perfect mix... even just to get away on a weekend, one of those leave Friday evening, come back Sunday evening deals.... ah man....

01-31-06, 06:46 AM
Here's two more great reasons to buy a Jeep...