: New member: 68 sdv owner!

01-29-06, 10:08 PM
Great site!

I'm so happy I found this site!! On and off over the years I've checked in with the CML on yahoo, and its previous incarnation on usenet, but always been frustrated. It just didn't have the organization/format of my other car groups (Impalassforum.com for my Roadmaster daily driver, MPVclub.com for our family van, not to mention the various corvette, benz, and f-body forums that I occasionally check in on to dream about my next car...). Also it felt like the moderators on cml thought they were god's gift to Cadillac owners.

Anyway, if you've read this far, I'll give you the story. Was always a Caddy and Buick fan since I was a kid. First car was a 1980 Buick Park Avenue (junk) and second was a 1980 Seville (even junkier).

Picked up a 1968 "post" sedan in my 20s and it's my "first restoration". Eight years later I've restored it to a decent driver, maybe a #3 condition. Car sat on a driveway in suburban Mississauga for 9 years and my mechanic buddy got it started within minutes. He got it running nice and sold it to me for $2000 plus my old 86 Regal. Then I gradually got around to getting her done. Did the body and paint, decent but not show quality. More impressive is my restored NOS interior and "untouched" engine. Engine never even been opened and the compartment looks very original, surface rust and all! She's definitely hood-closed at the local car meets.

I got 97000 original miles and plan to keep her for life. She sits in the garage and starts up faithfully the dozen or so times per year I use it. Wish I had a technical question for the group... but car's so reliable nothing comes up!

...unless anybody knows a good source in Toronto area to re-do my weatherstripping. Seems like the parts catalogs cater to coupes and convertibles and there are no kits for sedans!

Anyway lots more to say, but I've gotta start catching up on all these posts!

01-29-06, 10:16 PM
<jaw drops> ANOTHER post sedan???? Sweet! I wanna see pictures! Not too many of them around. That description sounds a lot like my car too, especially the untouched engine bay and nice interior. Glad to have you here, Theres a few other '68 owners around here, and it just goes to show the excellent taste those members have. :D

01-29-06, 10:40 PM
Hey DaveSmed. Funny I was just scrounging for pics then noticed your quick post. Two points: I see you're 18... sometimes I think to myself if I would have got a 60s Caddy instead of an 80s back when I was 18 I'd prolly still have the car today. They last forever! Also... there is a sticker on my window which shows my car was in PA back in the 70s.

Anyway I'm trying a couple picture posts here. If it doesn't work bear with me.



Night Wolf
01-29-06, 10:46 PM
SWEET! Car... love the '68 :)

01-29-06, 10:47 PM
Damn! Yours even has the small dent in the aluminum trim in the back bumper where mine has it, next to the plate! Haha dont tell me your passenger side rear door has a dent too....

Very nice car, I like that color. Is that stock exhaust? or is yours converted to dual too? What kind of options does yours have?

01-29-06, 10:50 PM
Welcome, from a fellow canuck. Ya hoser ! just kiddin. For old tyme resto you might wanna check out Hemmings motor news.

Good luck and bon soir.

01-29-06, 11:11 PM
Yeah!!! Another '68 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

She looks good! If your looking for weather stripping SteeleRubber puts out some nice products.

01-29-06, 11:19 PM
Davesmed sorry man but no dent on my passenger side (as seen here). Yeah the dented bumper is a drag. Back bumper is original. But front bumper, all side chrome, mirror, and door handles are from AZ wrecking yards. Hardest part to find incidentally was the stoopid painted black metal part behind the vinyl top. Unique to 68, unique to post sedans, and Fleetwoods were different. Took me 20 calls to find one.

My mechanic buddy who I got the car from put in the dual exhausts back in 1998. At first I didn't like it cuz it was too loud, but had to change mufflers last year and now they are a happy medium. Sounds tough, but not too loud for a Caddy.

Well you guys just got me gushing now... nice to come across some people who appreciate it. So more pics coming up.

Hey eracer... comment ca vous venez du Quebec? J'ai des cousins la... ils m'ont dit qu'il n'y a pas de gens par la qui sont amateurs des grosses minounes comme les Cadillac. C'est tout les Hondas et les Hyundais!


01-29-06, 11:24 PM
This is before and after interior shot. Ordered NOS fabric from SMS in Hemmings. A perfect match. Everything was redone except the panel on the back side of the front seat. It looks great. Also original carpet and headliner - they were still perfect!



01-29-06, 11:28 PM
Ah beautiful, can't wait to get fresh paint on mine. I did the teenager thing and installed loud exhaust, that 472 sounds really mean! It's within reason, but not by too much. I feel your pain on the damn post sedan parts, it took forever to find a damn rear door. My drivers side is from a hardtop car, and it bugs me because it still doesnt seal right. It looks right though, which is why I'm tolerating it. Now that I think about it, I think that came from AZ too. The front door came from NY.

Yours have the "Controlled Differental" option?

01-29-06, 11:29 PM
Hmm, that looks like my fabric, only in blue. I may look into that company, are you pretty happy with thier work? How did the leather section between the seats come out?

01-29-06, 11:32 PM
Here is the pre and post of my trunk restoration. I wish I had a better picture, but the boy in the shot is a good one... My interior guy was actually a boat specialists who did cars in a past life. So he re-did my trunk in this dark blue waterproof carpet. Though not original, it's really nice. Pulled out all the cardboard panels and re-covered them with this stuff. Plus he made a matching cover for my spare.



01-29-06, 11:36 PM
Very nice. Luckily my cardboard was in good shape, its something like $300 from US Parts Supply. when I first got the car and lifted that carpet my heart nearly stopped until I realized all that stuff in there is the factory sealant, not rust... What a bad color for that stuff....

01-30-06, 12:03 AM
Davesmed: The fabric was from SMS interiors, I think they're in Oregon. Back in 2000 I believe it was less than $1K for the required amount of fabric and vinyl. Then labor was about $1500 or so. My guy was a boat specialists living out in the country and he was fairly inexpensive. Great talent and he was particular regarding keeping original vinyl or fabric when possible. So I have funny things like rear doors are new vinyl on bottom half/armrests, but original vinyl on tap half and new cloth inserts. Was kind of weird at first but it's impressive to convince someone that your replacement was NOS!

I admit I cheaped out on the leather... we put NOS vinyl on the space between the "seat pockets" in front and back and on the armrests. Original was leather but I couldn't justify the extra $1K or so to do it right. Sometimes you have to make compromises... prolly spent $15K on this car altogether and it's worth maybe 4 realistically. If I'm not mistaken it you're the only person to ever ask about the leather in 5 years.

jtraik: Did you get anything from Steele? What parts? I find they only offer stuff for coupes and convertibles. You have a knowledgeable contact there? By the way noticed you got a B-Body too for daily driver. Nothin' like it! (Check out my RM in the background on one of the pics!)

01-30-06, 12:19 AM
I'll have to keep them in mind, My back seat is about due for fabric and foam. (and no one is allowed to sit on it until I fix it either..) Heh, Not suprised to hear I'm the only one I asked, that was a strange arrangement of vinyl and leather in those things anyway... the sides of the armrest are vinyl, the top and bottom leather. That center section is leather, then thats it. Mine's still in good shape, so i'm gonna keep conditioning it and hoping I can reuse it.

Very nice looking resto. From the pics, I can see power door locks, Tilt telescope, Auto climate control, and six way power bench. Did you get a highly optioned car? Looks like your power antenna works too, did you need to repair that or was it working?

01-30-06, 12:29 AM
Yeah I got power windows, locks, seats - all still working. Antenna was yanked off way back by some vandals and never got it fixed - and now that you mention it my radio could use an overhaul. Never bothered with the AC yet either. It's like you think about all the things you could fix to make it better... then you start thinking maybe you should spend the money on another car for the collection instead!

I don't know what you mean about controlled diff. I don't have posi. My Roadmaster has a nice sticker in the trunk with all the option codes... but don't think the Caddy has one.

01-30-06, 01:09 PM
Ah, thats what I was referring to, Posi. There isn't any one label listing all the options, so you kinda need to go through the car and look at what's there and what isn't. This is a pretty good list: http://home.wanadoo.nl/shaul/cf/cf68/cf68opt.htm and be sure to check the bottom too, not every option has a picture.

I have a bit of a weird option list:
Controlled Differental (Factory posi! yes!!)
Auto Climate Control
Six-way Power Seat
AM-FM Radio (mono)
Rear Window Defogger

...Thats it. Kinda weird I got the AM-FM and posi but no Twilight Sentinel?

And yea, I feel the same way about the money thing, every time she develops a new "old car trait". Latest is keeping the blower motor running with the key out....

01-30-06, 03:12 PM
mHarker: Do you have the optional front disc brakes?

I have,

Power everything
Tilt/Telescopic Wheel
Six-Way Seat
Front Disc

I guess its another odd list...

Night Wolf
01-30-06, 03:58 PM
Heh.. the '79 has all those "optional" features standard! (No Posi tho :( ).....

Still, the '68 is a much cooler car :(

01-31-06, 09:31 PM
OK judging by the link, I got:

4-wheel drum
climate control (but AC not fixed)
power bench seat
power door locks
vinyl top (replaced in 2000, but I think it's a standard GM pattern, not the cadillac top. Someday I'll replace it I guess)
AM/FM (needs to be restored - anyone know a supplier in Ontario)
rear defogger blower (never worked, but don't drive in winter so leaving it)
floor mats (rubber, I think they were original but I chucked em long ago)

Anyway sounds like I got a decent list of options. Wish list would be those headrests and rear shoulder belts for my son's booster seat.

What's the auxiliary horn? That sounds cool.

On a totally different topic, have you ever checked out the air horn web site? Videos are freakin' hilarious! I'd love to have a set. Check out www.hornblasters.com (http://www.hornblasters.com)

01-31-06, 10:44 PM
Oh yeah one more thing meant to tell you guys. I took her out yesterday!

Needed to get a low tire pumped up and figured hey haven't had snow in like 2 weeks so why not? So I was out there driving on Jan 30 in Ontario with my restored car!

Got a few funny looks but it was nice to have her out. Started on 2nd crank, warmed up, and pulled pretty good. That heater is sure hot! Even went to Hortons drive thru.

That's the beauty of these "affordable classics". Sometimes you say what the hell and use it even if weather isn't 100%.

02-01-06, 04:46 PM
The aux. horn is in addition to the three that came standard. It looks like one of the smaller "snail" ones, and if memory serves its a D note horn.

Not a bad option list at all, the floormats were probably original, but you can probably get blue reproductions off ebay. (they don't seem to make them in green though...) The rear window defogger is strange. mine sort of worked, check the ground in the trunk as that made mine spring back to life. How useful are the door locks? I was considering installing electric actuators in all the doors and trying to adapt an original switch to them. Mainly because I just can't see vacuum door locks as being particularly reliable, or else i'd go the original route.

Nice! I love the heat, when you set it to 85, it's not kidding. I like the affordable thing myself, I think it gives me a better chance to enjoy the car without worrying TOO much. That and it is why I was able to get one in the first place.

02-01-06, 05:58 PM
jtraik: Did you get anything from Steele? What parts? I find they only offer stuff for coupes and convertibles. You have a knowledgeable contact there? By the way noticed you got a B-Body too for daily driver. Nothin' like it! (Check out my RM in the background on one of the pics!)

Sorry i didnt see that before!

At the shop I work at, my boss has two cadillacs we are restoring, one is a '38 Fleetwood and the other a '58 62 Series. They have an online catalog @ www.steelerubber.com The stuff we have at the shop are all perfect original matches... the only problem is you really pay for it!!

I love my Caprice... its my winter driver though... this summer i plan on a '95 Fleetwood, Impy or another nice 9C1.

02-03-06, 12:44 PM
Hey Nice to see ya, I'm a new guy too, 28 yrs old, I have a 75 Coupe,
and I live in the GTA.... I'll look for you cruisin' that beast.

Thats a beauty of a car, good luck with it!

Jon K
75 Coupe deville
"every day I'd watch those beauties roll by,
and sometimes I'd just hang my head and cry,
cause I always wanted me one that was long and black" j. cash

02-03-06, 04:41 PM
Hey layabout. You looking for another? I know someone with a 76 coupe and wants to sell. Haven't seen it but I think price is right. Maybe parts car or better. It's near my place in Stouffville. Where are you?

02-03-06, 05:10 PM
mharker: Very, very nice car!!!