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Night Wolf
01-29-06, 06:46 PM
Well, atleast it was 2 Fords.... j/k :)


01-29-06, 06:56 PM
Hahahahahahahaha! :histeric:

That would be me in the yellow car!

01-29-06, 08:01 PM
....and that, class, illustrates the foolishness of escalation without the forethought of consequences or the preparation for peace...
:thepan: :bonkers: :bang2: :kick:

01-29-06, 08:03 PM
And that class.....is why you shouldn't mess with Mrs. McCombie......

01-29-06, 08:06 PM
And that class.....is why you shouldn't mess with Mrs. McCombie......Woah! Down girl! You're such a macho brute! You'd probably get along nicely with my wife. :rolleyes:

01-29-06, 08:10 PM
I have no idea what you mean young Kev! :rolleyes:

01-29-06, 08:12 PM
Of course not...he he.. :cool2:

01-29-06, 08:19 PM
...and THAT is why Sandy ALWAYS parks at the furthest away parking spot in any lot. The last & least disireable spot (for the masses)! The one that you're SUPER glad to get on December 24th at 4PM at the mall ~ only I park there on May 10th ! My last door ding was in 1974, 31 years ago.

My friend carries with him in his trunk about 3 or 4 glass coke bottles that are empty of soda. They have that skinney tapered neck. If he returns to his car and finds a scratch or door ding (he checks his car everytime he parks ~ and it's perfect all the way around) and when he returns, if there's a door ding he checks the offenders door for line up and/or his paint on the other car's door or the other car's door paint on his car and if it lines up to be no question, that it is the other car, THAT car gets a coke bottle wedged under the PASSENGER side's front tire, on the back-up side. So far, he hasn't neede to use the 1st coke bottle. Not me. I'd rather park here:

X When I am going here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> X

Less blood pressure enrichness.

01-29-06, 08:22 PM
.... Not me. I'd rather park here:

X When I am going here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> X

Less blood pressure enrichness.Not to mention the benefits of the extra exercise you get! I've lost 10 lbs that way!

01-29-06, 08:37 PM
Sandy, I do the exact same thing!

I hate it when people park near my car. My husband checks when he parks and when he returns, and lord help the car that dinged him.

He cares less with his Vectra, that car is a beater, but it's still a very nice beater. He got one on his Seville recently, he kicked seven bells out of the car that did it, the upper AND lower door were mashed to hell. His scratch polished out, I'm not sure the ones on the Ford Focus will :rolleyes:

01-29-06, 10:13 PM
That is hilarious!!! I saw that MIM episode, thats something close that i'd do (not with the caddy, but with my fists).

01-29-06, 10:28 PM

Night Wolf
01-29-06, 10:38 PM
I too, park really far away.

My best firend is used to it.

My new friends in FL still laugh at it... and refuse to walk back to the car after the movies, they want me to pick them up.

Next time, and the future times we'll take their car then :)

None of my cars... eve the Olds (which I never really parked that far with) have door dings as long as they have been in my ownership... the Coupe I think got 1 while I had it... otherwise freakin mint. They'll stay that way.

01-29-06, 11:19 PM
I ALWAYS park away from everyone wherever I go. People nowadays are just too careless.

01-29-06, 11:59 PM
Hum I rarely take my cad's anywhere there is a parking lot I take the daily drivers. I have spent thousands of $$ in dent repair on those. My Acura TL is less then one year old and I have had 3 dents already repaired on the pass doors alone. If I do end up parking the caddys i park way far away but sometimes it never fails there will be 20 open spaces and the jerk has to park next to me.

01-30-06, 12:55 AM
I usually park in places your not really supposed to but can get away with...

Like at the AMC 24 Theatre here there is a curb along the left side of the theater that has no firelane. I usually parallel my car right there.

01-30-06, 02:37 AM
I've been known to do that, my husband has a wonderful little sign for the windscreen that says "engineer on call", he got it from a friend of his, so he got me one to, it's in my glovebox and works if there's no other spaces!

01-30-06, 03:30 AM
Even if I don't park a long way away I tend to park near tiny cars that have less of a chance denting mine.

That clip is from Malcom in the Middle I think. One of the few funny parts of that show... I would so do that if I were in a POS Escort like that.

01-30-06, 03:55 AM
God I love that show. Im gonna miss it when its gone.

01-30-06, 05:24 AM
Yes, my wife has tattled on me about my little trick to cheat parking.


01-30-06, 10:08 AM
No Escort. It was a Mustang & a Ford Tempo

Night Wolf
01-30-06, 11:50 AM
No Escort. It was a Mustang & a Ford Tempo

Beat me to it :)

Yeah, it was MITM

ElDawgg 2G
01-30-06, 05:11 PM

It's like the line in "Fried Green Tomatoes"...
2 young girls rush into a parking space that another car was waiting for.
They say,
"We're younger and faster!"
Kathy Bates smashes into their VW and says,
"Face it, girls...I'm older and have more insurance!"

You can never have too much insurance!