: Finding a car, sentimental value

01-29-06, 01:04 PM
My grandfather recently passed away, and when I was in Iowa, different stories were told. My mother mentioned that he had an old '54 Ford pickup, and that recently got me to thinking. I wonder if it's possible to find a car this old without documentation. I would really like to have his truck as a rememberance of him and his legacy. Anyone know where I would start?

01-29-06, 01:52 PM
Boy if you could track it down it sure would make a great Overhaulin episode ;)

01-29-06, 07:25 PM
Most states don't even require titles on older cars anymore, so DMV won't be much help. The best way would be to become a detective; start talking with anyone your grandpa knew about whatever happened to that truck. Most likely it went to the crusher a long time ago, but you never know - in farm country old trucks quite often get hauled off in the back 40 and left there. If it's still around, I'd bet it's within a few miles of your grandad's place. Good luck, hope you find it!

This post reminds me of a great story...think I'll start a new thread about that.