: No more CTS V

01-29-06, 01:30 AM
Hey guys,
Over the past 3 months i have listened 2 u guys tell me the ups and downs of this cts v. And with all of its faults it is still probably one of the best cars in the world, for its price category. But recently in the past 2 weeks i hav delt with over 6 cadillac dealers in socal and not one of them has been pleasant, or appreciative of my business. Today i went to an audi dealership and purchased an S4, where i was treated like royalty. This customer service issue at Cadillac dealers is quite frankly unacceptable, and they deserve what ever fate they make. I understand that it may be unconcieveable for someone 19 to pay cash for a car like this, but you what audi dealers do. I hope you guys enjoy your V's as i wud hav, and dont allow cadillac to **** with u like they did me. Thank you again.

01-29-06, 01:38 AM
Hey moderator, you can close this thread!

This had nothing to do with the V except the dealerships and he didn't buy one anyway.

Enjoy your Audi....

01-29-06, 01:53 AM
Sorry you had trouble with the V dealerships! My dealership is great. I think you missed out but good luck!

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01-29-06, 02:51 AM
Good luck with your audi..