: DiabloSport Predator

01-28-06, 02:50 PM
Just ordered one of these specifically for the reason of the reflash option to stock settings. Jw what sort of performance increase I can expect (I have a Volant, Magnaflow will be ordered Monday, or I might by a used BB - still unsure) And what settings should I change thru the diablosport, and by what measures, and what should I leave the same. ANY info would help. Also I have heard of using the predator to custom tune (someone in the colorado board said "diablosport tune (by Jonah not mail order) what does this mean? Thanks guys. BTW is there any reason I should of gone with superchips, hypertech or jet instead???? I know stealth-v is the ideal option, but the cost, and my warranty outweighed getting that tune. Thanks

01-28-06, 03:03 PM
whats up 04 ctsv, I actually just got my predator unit, I am here in miami as well.
I am getting better mpg aswell as a bit more power in the lower end, hardly noticable.
I would not recommend the unit unless you are getting it dyno tuned and used the unit to store and change back to stock.
PM, i'll fill you in with the info, There is a shop in miami that specializes in this and are very affordable.
I plan on getting my tune done next week.
GOOD LUCK and enjoy the v

01-28-06, 03:11 PM
ur pm box is full. i was told the diablsport is plug n play, meaning no prior experience/tuning/etc is required. What will taking it to the Miami place provide - meaning how are they able to get more out of a device that is a yes/no type of device. what are they charging. thanks

01-28-06, 04:51 PM
Diablo sport is right down the street...I think Pampano Beach...

They will dyno and put a custom tune on your diablo sport for you...

They are very good at what they do, as thats all they do all day long.

01-28-06, 06:41 PM
how much for this custom tune. and how much better could it possibly be, considering they designed the tune to began with. Do you mean make it more specific for the V design - the part # is universal for serveral cars.....Thanks for the info.

01-28-06, 07:49 PM
basically, they will make it specific for your car,
You will get your car dynotuned to your cars specs.

01-29-06, 01:58 AM
most importantly: $$$$?????

01-29-06, 09:43 AM

My company built a piece of equipment for the guys at Diablosport. One of the owners brought Johan Mangs out to CO for the check out. Johan spent a good hour driving my car and tweaking the partial throttle settings, which are key for good driveablity and economy. We did 3 pulls on a DynoJet to adjust the WOT.

From what I've read on this forum, the south FL guys are really happy with Johan's work. Contact Johan and see what he has to say about your car.


01-30-06, 04:50 PM
mcarter.....contact info for johan, or whomever you are speaking of. Thanks!

01-31-06, 03:43 PM