: Corvette Z06 by Geiger Cars

01-27-06, 02:57 PM
The new Corvette Z06 has arrived in the dealers’ showrooms! GeigerCars.de (www.geigercars.de) now offers a sporty tuning program for the top-of-the-line model of the American sportscar.

To achieve a power increase from standard 512 hp / 377 kW to 542 hp / 389 kW there will be soon available the GeigerCars.de STAGE 1 performance kit. The tune-up contains a free-flow intake air guiding with sport air filter, special exhaust manifolds, steel bed catalysts, four large chrome exhaust tips and a special mapping for the ECU. The engine tuning makes the Corvette Z06 even more agile and doesn’t only convince with quicker revving up but also with higher road performances: The sprint time from 0 – 100 km/h is reduced to about 3.7 seconds, maximum speed is increased to about 327 km/h.

Many other special GeigerCars.de customizing components for the fastest production Corvette ever are already available. The designers of Europe’s leading customizer of American cars developed a front spoiler edge to fit on the standard apron. The bodystyling part doesn’t only make the front view more aggressive: The lift on the front axle is further reduced. Its aerodynamic counterpiece is a diffuser to fit on the rear apron.

To be able to always safely control the outstanding road performances of the tuned Z06, GeigerCars.de offers a high performance brake system. GeigerCars.de also offers suspension tuning for the new supersportscar. They designed a custom spring strut sport suspension, which replaces the standard transverse springs to achieve an even more dynamic handling.

To perfectly fill the existing space inside the wider Z06 wheel houses, the GeigerCars.de technicians developed an equally spectacular and exclusive wheel/tire combination. The multi-piece chrome wheels were designed in the dimensions 10.5Jx19 front with 285/30 ZR 19 tires and 13Jx20 rear with 345/25 ZR 20 tires. The GeigerCars.de set of wheels with tires is charged with 9,450 Euros.

Of course GeigerCars.de also offers exclusive interior appointments for the cockpit from Carbon panels up to the masterly handcrafted full leather trim in every imaginable color and design.

GeigerCars.de doesn’t only offer customizing options for the new Corvette Z06 but also fully tuned cars starting from 93,000 Euros.



01-27-06, 03:18 PM
As the owner of a Z06 myself, I waited with baited breath to see what the new C6 Z06 was going to be. Out of the box, with 505 HP, it is a monster! And when you compare it's performance stats to the European supercars, it's a deal at $75,000 (even if dealers are currently getting several thousand over invoice at most places.)

I even got to take a test ride in one at Bowling Green last summer with my Corvette club. It is an awesome ride.

Now, I'm nit-picking here, and I know it. But my lingering dissapointment with the Z06 is that stylistically, it's same as the Corvette coupe. There is only a bit of badging to distinguish it from any other C6 coupe, and that's my only complaint. In the C5 generation of Corvette (1997-2004), the Z06 started out as a 2001 Fixed Roof Coupe (often abbreviated FRC.) The Z06 didn't actually get a designation until 2002. But even in the FRC version a year earlier, there was an obvious style difference from other C5 coupes- the notched off back window. It makes them instantly recognizeable, even from a distance. I don't know why Chevrolet/GM couldn't do something similar for the design of the C6 Z06, and that would be one my issue with it.

Having said all that, I wouldn't turn one down if someone wanted to give me one.

And as for this Geiger Cars edition- well, in a word, NICE! I'd want to get a comparison between it, and, say, a Lingenfelter upgrade, though.