: New Key And Fob

01-27-06, 01:28 PM
I have a 1998 Catera that came with only one key and fob. The key has the number 2 on the back. I would like to purchase the #1 fob and an additonal ignition key. My problem is that I can't find out what the proper fob number is for this unit. Also I have checked with the local GM dealer and they want over $300.00 for the key. Is there any options to this??

Thanks Doug

01-27-06, 06:36 PM
I too bought the car with one key and one keyfob. I went to a local cadillac dealer to get a key (around $145.00 not $300.00) they will want to charge you for programming but I talked to the parts manager and told him that if i was spending this much for a key they for sure as hell better program it for free after a few discussions between the parts manager and the service manager I finaly got them to program it for free ($70.00 value one hour of labor). As for the keyfob the number on the back is for the first owners who had both them and could have different settings for each fob not sure of the settings but the number does not matter same part.

01-28-06, 02:27 AM
I had the same problem before, I just contacted a local locksmith and i got the duplicate key for 50 dollars including the programming. And the key I had was more solid looking than the original one. Use the internet and do a search of available locksmith around your area. The one i contacted here in NY has a van with all his equipments in the van. He said that he runs his business like that, being on call anytime. He owns like another van doing the same business. I guess i had a good deal than going to the stealership.