: H1 vs. H7 Bulbs

01-27-06, 12:05 PM
I have read a few posts regarding replacement headlight bulbs, and I
have some questions. First, I own a 2001 non-sport. I just recently
had my low-beam light go out. Looking through the posts, I thought
for sure I needed an H7, but when I actually pulled the bulb out, it
turned out to be an H1 (smaller bulb with 1 terminal, not 2). Why the
difference? It seems that some people have H7s, and are able to
replace them with the Silverstars. This apparently isn't the case in
my car. On that note, can you get the Silverstars to replace the H1
sized bulbs?

01-27-06, 02:43 PM
Well I own a 99 catera and they came with 55watt H-7's for the high and low beam. But then I bought the projection ones off ebay now I have a 55watt H-7 for the high beam the low beam is a 55watt H-1 now when you replace your H-1 lowbeam make sure you buy the 55watt not the 100watt cause you could start a fire or just keep blowing the fuse. but the 100watt H-1 even says not for use in europe which is where these cars are from.