: Can I fix my 01 Northstar myself?

01-27-06, 11:41 AM
I'm trying to see a way to reach the crankshaft position sensors without having to take the motor mount off to reach them. If I get it done, will anything have to be done as far as the computer? Help, I've never been here before.

01-27-06, 01:14 PM
It is possible to replace the crankshaft position sensors with the car on ramps.

Remove the plastic panel that covers the space from the front of the cradle to the bumper.

Remove the oil filter and the oil filter adapter. Now you have enough room to get your hands and a 1/4" drive socket (10MM) pieces in there to do the job.

Take digital pictures before you remove the connectors OR tag them somehow if your memory is a bad as mine.

Use new O rings on the sensors and the oil filter adapter when you put it all back together.

I did not have to do anything with the PCM but if necessary, a tech with the proper equipment can take care of that in just a few minutes.

Good luck.

01-27-06, 02:34 PM
Thanks JimD, thats at least a good starting point. Gramps

02-05-06, 12:44 AM
I changed both crank position sensors on a 2001 STS. Remove the slplash cover as mentioned above. Up on ramps is enough access. Skinny arms and hands are a plus. Be very careful removing the plastic electrial connector. It has an unusual release on it, that after you have figured it out, is very easy to work. Don't be impatient--this connnector must be intact to work.

Start this project when you have lots of time so you aren't rushed. The second time is much easier and really is a snap.

Good luck.

02-05-06, 12:48 AM
Oops! Forgot to mention. I did not take off the oil filter adapter. It wasn't necessary.

02-05-06, 01:22 AM
Skinny arms and hands are a plus.

Some people (like me) were just made to work on cars. :cool2:

02-08-06, 03:25 PM
Wow I'll have to look into this. I have oil seepage out of that area just above the oil filter adapter. It looks like it's the oil pressure sensor, but I read on another post, that it's likely the crank position sensors. I'll have to look closely.