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01-25-06, 01:20 PM
Hey all! New member here.. Have a wrecked *gasp* 93 STS.. *Dont worry, probably will get another.. But before my baby is hauled away to the wreckers, I need to know how to get the sunroof out.. I want it for my project car..Anyone know how to get it out? PM me or reply here in the thread I am going to create here soon.. Feels great to be a part of this place..

terrible one
01-25-06, 06:57 PM
Welcome to the forums! You will probably be better off posting your question in the STS section.

01-25-06, 09:33 PM
If you have a job you might be better off donating it other than sending it to the wreckers. You could get a tax write-off equal to three times as much as the wrecker will give you. BTW welcome to the forum.

01-29-06, 11:38 PM
:welcome: - And good luck with the sunroof and that project car!

01-31-06, 12:58 AM