View Full Version : Please Help: Looks Like Gm Pp Won't Honor Warranty

01-25-06, 12:28 AM
I've had an antifreeze leak since August while my car was under
extended warranty. Cadillac "fixed" it twice under warranty and it's still leaking and now the warranty just expired. GM claims this is a separate incident but I say what are the odds of 3 different coolant leaks in 6 months.

I would appreciate anyone with similar experience to give me advice. GM sometimes fixes this at their cost. Does anyone here know who to contact or how to place the right pressure on GM to get them to fix it?

Here's the details: 53k miles, 1998 Catera
Aug05: Leaking Antifreeze: Dealer Changed heater valve.
Nov05: Leaking Antifreeze: Dealer orders gasket for oil cooler. I ask dealer to leave issue open because extended warranty is expiring.
Dec05: Extended Warranty GMPP expires
Jan06: Oil cooler gasket comes in and Dealer Changes.
Jan06: Still Leaking Antifreeze: Dealer estimate is $2500. GMPP
claims separate incident and won't cover. GM claims they won't fix 7 year old car for free.

Do I have other options?
Thanks in advance.

01-25-06, 10:37 PM
What did your dealer diagnose this time for $2500?

My opinion? Dealer eats the repair, which is only likely to happen if you spend some quality time with the service manager or the general manager/dealer.