: Cadillac V8 AWD Minivan

01-24-06, 10:16 PM
How about a AWD V8 Cadillac Minivan.

My wife likes Minivans. The nicest american made Minivan (IMO) was the Olds Premiere, but that's gone. Most of the Minivans out there aren't that nice. I'd sure like to bring home a Cadillac for the wife, the Olds is getting tired and will need replacement and I really don't want one with a V6 again.

There isn't a V8 Minivan out there, the Minivans don't have the guts to tow a couple of Jet Skis or a small boat with all of the kids and stuff that goes with. Push rod technology would be my preferance (lots of low end torque for towing) but I'd be happy with any V8 Minivan even if it had Northstar. The new 5.3 FWD DOD unit would be an excellent choice.

the Aurora V8 is homeless... What a sweet little V8 that is.

I've owned at least 7 Cadillac's and currently drive a 2005 CTS-V.

I am a satisfied customer


02-04-06, 08:40 AM
What about one of the crossover SUVs vs a typical minivan ? It seems the minivan market is pretty sewed up by chrysler. (hence Ford quitting production of them). My Nissan Murano was a nice vehicle, for a crossover. But once I drove a V, it was all over for the SUV ;)