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Ziplicon Tuesday
01-24-06, 09:19 PM
I've seen many threads about tires but little by anyone who actually has these on their V. I've been wrestling with this for some time and have lucked out so far but weather wise, but finally had some Conti Extreme Contact tires installed today. I've read much claiming high marks for them in snow, but I was really concerned about reduced handling attributes.

On my two test drives I found the handling still suprisingly sharp - not razor sharp like the F-1's but still impressively good. This was on northern DE backroads too - hills, tight turns, trees.....what most in here seem to call "twisty's".

I found launches noticably easier - greatly reduced wheel hop. Oddly though, I got more hop when I nailed 2nd and fish-tailed a little....T/C was on. I'm running 36 psig in them.

So, for those who may have the need - the Conti's were cheaper than most ($171 at Tire Kingdom) and at least initially, the performance on the V seems quite good.

01-24-06, 11:28 PM
Hey Zip,

I have been saying this for quite some time.

This forum is great fro some things but for other stuff it tends to spread misinformation. I also took it as fact that the tires did not contribute to the wheel hop when in fact the Conti extremes have been great. There is no road noise, the ride is nice and the wheel hop is greatly reduced, almost a non issue and I don't have any AWH kit or the bushings. The turn in is fine, not much different than the F1's. But the handling in the rain, snow, and cold weather is like night and day. Even if you live in the dessert, there has to be a better tire than the F1's. The F1's are not compatible with this car period, no ifs ands or buts.

This is why you cannot believe everything you read. Many here have said that the F1's are the only way to get good performance, or you are a wussy for anything less. I say that is total BS. If you use the V on a daily basis, and race the car on a rare occasion, you will greatly appreciate the Conti's.

01-25-06, 12:25 AM
It's best to have a RFT tire or one with a super-stiff sidewall if you want to match the performance of the F1 in the dry. No internet misinformation there.

Ziplicon Tuesday
01-25-06, 12:20 PM
M5eatr: Very glad to see your experience has been the same as mine - I really struggled with this choice but as it happens, we had snow and ice this morning - little snow, fair amount of ice and I had no issues. Now I feel good about the choice and you've reinforced that perception.

Regarding the internet, I would not have even known these tires existed or what the issues were without it so I'm glad to have had the resource. Some dudes in the forum are apparently very serious about performance (as am I, but it's got to be a day to day car and useabilty is part of performance). I'd keep the F-1's otherwise - but it's a fact the wheel hop is much better with the Contis.

So basically, I agree with both you and bigjim.