: Catera transmission or timing belt? or what????? HELP PLEASE!!

01-24-06, 06:20 PM
My Cat shifts very crappy from 1 - 4 (shutters coming out of 2 & 3) and when I come to a stop really fast the car will not even be in gear. I have to give it a very hard punch with the accelorator to "catch" back in gear to even go. Also when I try to accelorate out of a turn it will miss and revv up so high I almost have to come to a complete stop and then SLOWLY give it gas to catch back in a gear.

Took it to the transmission place and they said it was OK but I don't know if I was confident in their diagnosis...they really didn't seem to care.

If anyone out here has any suggestions as to what the problem may be please let me know, need to get the Cat running right again.


01-25-06, 11:27 AM
To me it sounds like you are either low on tranny fluid or the tranny filter is clogged are you sure that the tranny guys checked the fluid level,for that they had to put it on the hoist because the plug is under the car.

03-03-08, 12:17 AM
What was the resolution of this problem? I own a '98 catera and it is doing the exact same thing. I took it to a dealership and they said that unless the computer says there is a problem or a warning light is on, there is nothing wrong.