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01-24-06, 11:34 AM
I'm going to fix up a 1979 coupe deville. Online junk yards and ebay will be used a lot.

What year and model cadillacs (in general) can I use to fix things up? I asked about the hood ornaments and I found out that 77-79 fleetwoods can be swaped.

I'll be looking for engine, interior and cosmetic parts, etc.



Night Wolf
01-24-06, 11:56 AM
'77-'92 hood ornaments can be swapped :)

in fact, most anything '77-'92 can be swapped.... nearly everything.

in 1980 the car got a much better look IMO, different nose, different back, formal roof line and a crease on the lower portion, as the years went on more chrome was added and trim changed.

1990 was the biggest change... another new nose, tail lights, side trim... but the biggest change was the interrior... digital dash and the whole center changed. along with other things.

Any thing can be swapped in though. up until 1985 IIRC the radios were the old style. 1980 got electronic climate control, so you are stuck there... depending on the car, ~1983 had the newer cluster for the 4spd transmission and different directional arrows.

seats, dash trim, buttons/knobs.... everything is interchangeable. Alot of the chassis is also similar with the '77-'96 Caprice... cross members, sway bars etc.... the sway bars from 70's G-bodys IIRC are the same too.

I would check local junkyards, usually better deals and you get to pick what you want. I know the little money I spent on the '79 really turned it around...stuff from a '79 Fleetwood as well as 80's Broughams.

01-24-06, 05:31 PM
Front suspension Interchange:

1970-1981 F Body (get Z28/TransAM 1.25" w/short lever front sway bar!! great upgrade) Camaro/Firebird
1973-1977 A/G Body (aka, Grand Prix/LeMans/Monte Carlo/Chevelle/Regal/etc)
1971-1976 B/C/D Body (88/98/Electra/LeSebre/Deville/Fleetwood/etc)

Rear Suspension Interchange:

1973-1977 A/G body

Parts for 77-84 8 7/8" Pontiac sourced rear end (10 bolt, some think is a 12bolt, but it is not) can come from a 71-76 B/C/D car, but axles are too wide, but the gears (ranged from 2.41-3.23 those years) and differentials can be used.

Note there are some specific year to year changes, like bearing sizes, english to metric, etc. So check carefully, but the main parts interchange.

I use Car-Part.com to get some ideas on interchangeability. Like a spindle for a non ABS 1996 FW (like a Limo or Caprice) can use a 1971 Spindle from a 98 Olds. It is a good gauge to check, but not always 100% accurate. But generally it is accurate.

As for 12x2 drums. they are bigger, and nice to have, but they are getting scarce. So I would recommend if you want a brake upgrade, go with NavyLifer Bill Harper's disc conversion (94-96 4 Channel ABS), or std Caprice 9C1/Impala SS rear discs make a great bolt on. There is discs from 76-79, but they had problematic calipers. The newer 9C1 Caprice brakes are far better. (and they bolt on any 10 bolt!!)

01-25-06, 04:37 AM
Excellent info, thanks A LOT!!!!

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