: Cover your toes! (or protect your A--!)

01-23-06, 09:03 AM
After reading for some time now, how you broke the diff after X number of banzi starts or the clutch pedal didn't behave after a 6k+ shift/launch, something that I noticed, was that there has been no mention anywhere, of using either a scatter shield or safety bell housing on our V's!! I know space is at a premium to use a scattershield (and I haven't researched whether a safety bell housing is available - or could be adapted), however I ran a "lightweight" 421 Catalina for a certain corporation for two years, and if you ever saw a clutch/flywheel come apart at speed, you wouldnt need to ask why this is an issue!! (Unless you prefer to throw away all your right shoes, instead:lildevil: Just a thought (inquiring minds already KNOW!!):D

Now that I've had my rant - I can get down off the soapbox and ask if anyone knows of a safety bell housing for the V (or if one for C6 etc would work)?

01-23-06, 01:42 PM
I think old Don Garlits knows a thing or two about that. While any and all safety measures are always good ideas, at what point do you draw the line? The incidents where people lose there feet drag racing "stock" cars (as opposed to "stock cars") is pretty low... what about fire extinguishers? Fuel cells? roll cages? glass removal? Helmets 24/7?

So many ways to die......